Saturday, February 18, 2012

OUTING: An Afternoon With Kristen Juliet!

Last Saturday, I had a lovely afternoon with the ever-cheery Kristen Juliet! We had our lunch at Teahouse by The Asian Kitchen at Raffles City.

The Asian Kitchen opened its first outlet in 2005 and since then, 6 more outlets have been opened. I have been to the ones at CityLink (Chopsticks), ION Orchard and of course, Raffles City. Each of these outlets have different famed dishes; CityLink - Roasted Chicken (Original and Mala.), ION Orchard - Roasted Guitar Duck (Original, Herbal, Mala and Sour Plum.) and Raffles City - Roasted Duck (Original, Herbal, Mala and Sour Plum.).

Juliet and I had the Sour Plum Roasted Duck! I have tried the Original and the Herbal one. The slight sourness of the Sour Plum one whetted my appetite more than the other 2, making this a lot tastier! I would still go for the Original one though, just because I'm a pretty 'straight' person. (The Herbal one differs from the Original one VERY slightly. You see wolfberries and you taste just a hint of the Chinese herbs and that's it. Pretty disappointing, actually.)

OH! Skip this dish (And maybe the place altogether because THIS is the main dish.) if you don't want to battle with bones! There were many more bones to tackle with this time round as compared with my other 2 trips there. ):

Juliet didn't like this very much but umm... Haha! This was my third time eating it. It was seemingly the best vegetable dish on the menu. I liked that it was soft and crunchy and the salted egg yolk made a nice pairing with the vegetables. The best thing was that it came bubbling in the pot!

This is the Stir-fried Fish with Spring Onions and Ginger, which Juliet and I both loved. And yes, this was my third time having it too. Haha! The fish was soft and BONELESS (Gawd. Do I love boneless stuff!) and the spring onions and ginger slices made this dish very fragrant! The CityLink outlet has this fish in soy sauce, which is incredibly yummy too!!!

The Asian Kitchen has very simple dishes and though it's a tad expensive, I think the food's really yummy! For bubble tea lovers, you HAVE to try their Black Pearl Milk Tea! The pearls are sweet and the drink has Chinese Tea taste, which I absolutely love! And I know I am horrid at food reviews but please! Do give The Asian Kitchen a shot! I have been to the Raffles City outlet thrice, the CityLink outlet twice and the ION Orchard once. :DDD

Next, Juliet and I hung out at Arteastiq. This was my 2nd time there and though the teas are just alright to my amateur tastebuds, the lounge is a lovely place for girly chit chats!

Here's Juliet working!

And here's Juliet with her pretty dimples!

Alrighty. Have a lovely Saturday! :DDD

P.S.: Read Juliet's entry here!

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