Sunday, February 26, 2012

OUTING: Dinner for 2 at Buttercake N Cream!

The boy and I are perpetually on the lookout for good food. Though when we do find an awesome place, we tend to go back to it several times before moving on. Okay, it's actually just me. Heh.

Anyway, after reading Fel's entry (Click here to read it!) on Buttercake N Cream, I thought it would be good to go somewhere out of Orchard (We are ALWAYS at Orchard because you know... That's where the Queen of Watsons, Sephora, F21 and all that reside.).

Fel suggested reserving a place because it was a full house when she was there. And guess what?!? You can actually make a reservation online! :DDD I don't know about you, but when it comes to delivery and all that, I much prefer doing it over the net to picking up the phone and having to blab to a complete stranger. That and also, my house, especially my room, has terrible reception so it really stinks to have the line cut off mid-way and needing to apologize profusely when the caller calls back.

(The online form did not work for me, so I sent an email and got a reply on the same night!)

Buttercake N Cream is a few bus stops away from the Clementi and Dover stations. Once you arrive at the bus stop, walk straight! The boy and I, having never been to this area before, made an entire big round before finding the place. :\ The place is near the end of a row of pubs and eateries. If you are facing the shops, walk to your right. (:

You get to pick between al fresco or indoor dining and though the former looks incredibly pretty, both of us are avid fans of the air-conditioner. It should get cooler at night, so the al fresco dining should be just perfect for couples!

The indoor dining area, however, is a little small so the tables are a tad too close for comfortable conversations. But it shouldn't matter unless you're divulging any 'big, earth-shattering, president-is-planning-to-bomb-Japan-and-only-Will-Smith-can-save-the-world' type of secrets (Quote from 'Can You Keep a Secret' by Sophie Kinsella, my all-time favourite chicklit. She has a new book out! 'I've Got Your Number'! And I know I'm in adulthood now and have sworn off all bimbo-tic stuff yeah right but... GAWD! I LOVE CHICKLITS!).

We were greeted with a couple of chocolates when we were brought to our table. It was really sweet of the staff, since we were actually there on the 16th (Both of us had lessons on 14th, though we did manage to spend some time together which culminated in him skipping his class. Thankfully, it's an elective which he's going to SU. All is safe. I'm no bad influence!).

We had the 'A "Sweet", "Sumptuous" & "Satisfying" 3 Course Set Dinner for 2'. For the main course, the boy had the Roasted BBQ Chicken Leg, while I had the Dijon Norwegian Salmon, which came with the juiciest and freshest prawns ever! The salmon was nicely cooked too and the skin was soft and a tad crispy... Just the way I like it!

The boy had to battle a little with the leg but he liked his food pretty much too! (:

Our appetizer was the Chef's Wild Mushroom Soup which the boy liked quite a lot! The entire bowl was dotted with delicious mushroom bits uniformly throughout. It was neither too salty nor too buttery/ creamy. Just right (:

I love Aglio Olio tons and I have been going around, trying to find the BEST plate of that simple but so-friggin'-yummy dish (The boy accompanied me in the later part of my quest and discovered that he too likes Aglio Olio. Whoopee!!!). So even though we were pretty full after the main course, we just HAD to try (You understand that we weren't overeating. It was something that was needed to be done desperately or we could never have gone to sleep that night.) their Aglio Olio!

And our verdict?!?

The garlic, chili and oil mixture was just right and tasted really scrumptious! There wasn't too much olive oil such that the pasta became completely soggy. But we had a gripe with one thing... The pasta was a little too soft for our liking. Otherwise, the dish would have been pretty perfect (We would have liked to try their seafood version but we were feeling pretty stuffed! Their prawns are really, REALLY good!).

Chocolate Fondue Pot was our 'sweet affair' for the day. It was a rather large set but it was a nice complement to the 3-course meal. The chocolate wasn't that sort that hardens when you lift it out of the pot, which meant that your little tidbits stayed warm in the heart of the chocolate. I like both sorts but because I was feeling a tad cold by then, the warm chocolate in my mouth was greatly welcomed.

Our total bill amounted to $60 plus, which was worth it. I mean, we had 3 main courses! Haha. The ambiance was delightful and the place was incredibly cozy. We were there from 5.30pm to near 7pm and it was pretty quiet (The indoor dining area was full by then.), away from the city chatter.

As for the service, it's tops! The staff was cordial and prompt! We didn't have to wait very long for our food and the different courses came at the right intervals. Before we left, we tried to take a couple of photos and were struggling a little. The lady who served most of our meals came up to us immediately and offered to help. (: Good food needs to be accompanied with good service to make the experience whole.

It's definitely a place that I would go back to with my friends, even though it's really out of the way for me. And of course, I'll be ordering the Seafood Aglio Olio then! :DDD

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