Thursday, February 9, 2012

RAMBLINGS: Heart, be still.

I typed a whole chunk of paragraph, only to delete it... Just because.

I need to learn how to keep my heart still. As much as I like things to be snip, snap, done, I need the discipline to resist acting impulsively. My impulsiveness brought about unnecessary trouble and superfluous emotions because now, I'm a mixture of embarrassment, anxiety, worry and regret.

C got her matters settled so quickly because she met Ms. Lee. But that bespectacled lady didn't let me see Ms. Lee and I was kept hanging and I wanted to be responsible and GAHHH!!! I wish I had consulted the boy before doing anything. It is so good that we are the perfect opposites. And even though some friends are anxious for my sake with good intentions, I should not let myself be swayed by them just because I think they are smarter.

And I cannot let the fear of regret get to me through impulsiveness.

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