Monday, February 6, 2012

SPOTTED: Celebrate Valentine's Day with Steam Cream!

To mark the month of love, Steam Cream is releasing 4 new designs!

Con Amore
The name means 'with love' in Italian. Inspired by Italian passion, this design is perfect as a gift to express your heartfelt love.

Paula and Paul
Polka dots lovers? This matching set of polka dots Steam Cream is the perfect gift set for a couple this Valentine's Day.

Disco Fever
The latest in our competition winners, Disco Fever dazzles with a rainbow of disco lights reflected in the mosaic of a mirror ball. Party on now!

Steam Cream makes a perfect gift for everyone, including the machos! I mean, seriously, who doesn't want soft (and hug-gable, especially during February!) skin?!? Tee hee! This cream is birthed from the marriage of ingredients as a result of power and energy generated from bubbling steam.

Ingredients include moisturizing orange flower water, oatmeal, glycerin, organic almond and jojoba oil and cocoa butter, topped with a blend of essential oils to make your journey to lala land as smooth as possible. (:

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