Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SPOTTED: Steam Cream in Bloom!

Hahaha. Okay, I know my titles are getting lamer by the entries. But umm... I couldn't help it! Heh. Anyway, I blogged about Steam Cream yesterday (Click here to read it!) and how it's currently being my superhero and saving me from dry skin (Just in case you're interested, I have NO MORE dry patches! WHEE! :DDD). And then, I received Ariel's email regarding the rolling out of 3 new designs this March!

Chamomile is one of STEAMCREAM's calming ingredients. They say it was used in Bablyon 4000 years ago and it's one of Europe's most ancient medicinal herbs. We created this in its honour!

Fragaria is the Lain name for the strawberry, from "Fragare", fragrance. Just imagine picking a fresh sweet-tart strawberry on a summer's day under the pale blue sky. In the language of flowers, the gift of strawberries means "temptation”.

OH MY GAWD. ISN'T THIS SOOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLY CATH KIDSTON?!? The strawberries are a little too life-like to be Cath Kidston actually but whatever! It's pretty close and so, so, SO pretty!!!

The outstandingly beautiful cherry blossom (Somei-yoshino) has such a short time to fill the world with beauty each spring. Pale pink blossoms burst out on top of each other inviting you into their dream world.

You can read all my Steam Cream entries here. :D

These darlings are priced at $25.90 each and will be available at selected BHG, Watsons, Nishino Pharmacy, Unity and Sasa outlets. You can also get them online at Beauty Carousel. (:

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