Saturday, February 25, 2012

LOOKBOOK: Lace and Army Green

I wore this two Fridays ago. This entire outfit is from Forever 21. The newly-acquired boots are from Ecco.

Actually, most of my clothes are from F21. I just pop in and pick out size S for tops and pants and XS for skirts and I'm good to go. I don't bother trying them out unless it's a dress and I'm not quite sure how it will fall against my body.

Lace and chiffon makes a completely sweet and feminine combination. I love the style of such tops because it gives off a very rustic look... A tad like the Mori Girls (Click here to check out the Mori Girls' style!) in Japan but not as extreme.

Army green and antique gold is a pairing which I especially like and which is also especially difficult to find. The antique gold, though looking very ostentatious and all that, softens the military vibe that the army green gives.


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