Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LOOKBOOK: Rockin' the Orange Blazer!

I don't particularly like New Look, but I happened (Yes, happened. Haha.) to be there one Saturday and came across this orangey brown blazer (I think it's the Summer Crepe Blazer.). It isn't like me to get blazers because we all know that Singapore is really a giant broiler but the colour was incredibly pretty and old (The nice sort of old.).

The shoulders are padded with thick foam and the sleeves end a little below the elbows. The latter makes the lifting of the hands a little uncomfortable but it makes the blazer look less stern.

I paired it with a F21 white tank top and a pair of New Look jeggings, which really SMELLS because of the dye. I was just introduced to the world of jeggings recently and gawd! DO THEY SMELL! Does anyone know how to get rid of the dye's stench?!?

Anyway, I'm terribly sorry that entries are trickling in! It has been busy in school, trying to settle my internship, which isn't going too well. It seems like I will need to stay for another semester. It's making me rather gloomy but I'm slowly adjusting to the idea. The only thing that's comforting me is that I will still be entitled to students' discounts at the end of the year. Oh wells.

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