Monday, March 26, 2012

EVENT: Laneíge's Love in Bloom Alluring Beauty Makeover

On March 12th (I know I'm so backdated with my entries! Please bear with me!), I attended the 'Laneíge's Love in Bloom Alluring Beauty Makeover' with dear Juliet!

The event was held at the atrium of Bugis Junction and was a collaboration between Laneíge and BHG Bugis for the annual Makeup and Beauty Fest. This time round, Laneíge actually invited Romeo Eun, who's the senior makeup trainer from the brand's parent company, Amorepacific.

And guess what Juliet and I were treated to?!? :DDD

MAKEOVERS!!! :DDD We had a choice between a cute puppy look and a (HMMM... Sexy?!?) kitten look and we asked Romeo to decide for us. Our face structures are completely different. Juliet has prominent cheekbones while mine are pretty much non-existent. Juliet has sharper features while mine are... FLAT?!? Hahaha! So anyway, Romeo decided to... How do I say this? Do the opposite? Downplay Juliet's cheekbones and and 'create' some for me (Hahaha!)! Soften her features and make mine sharper! :DDD

Thus, Juliet got the cute puppy look and she went first! The first thing that Romeo did was to touch up her eyebrows. He used concealer to 'alter' the shapes of her eyebrows. For her look, the key thing is to go 'round'! Eyeshadows and blusher were applied in a circular manner. And the eyeliner was drawn thicker in the center to create big and round doll-like eyes.

Romeo did one side of Juliet's face first and gosh! Look at her eyes! What a difference a few strokes made!

It was really interesting for both Juliet and I because it was the very first time that we saw eyeshadows being applied in a circular manner!

And then, it was my turn to morph into a kitty! Haha. Again, the first thing Romeo did was to trim my eyebrows (I haven't done anything professional to them since... Forever. Haha. It's just to expensive to upkeep. I just pluck away the stray ones. And besides, my fringe is always all over my face so no one actually sees them. Only parts here and there. Haha.). He suggested using a shaver to keep the area clean (But hmmm... My Browhaus therapist told me that shaving would cause ingrowns?!?). He drew my eyebrows down towards my nose so that the arches would be more distinct.

The kitty look meant that almost everything was to be applied at an angle! For the eyeliner, he drew the bottom first. By drawing the bottom, you can draw the winged liner at the 'right' angle. He also drew the inner corners of my eyes to make them seemingly larger. As my cheekbones are invisible, he advised me to apply my blusher from my hairline down, diagonally. He then applied highlighter right above the blusher, from the cheeks outwards.

Romeo also did the bitten lips look for me!!! But sigh! It was a waste because my lips were (And still are.) dry! ):

But anyway! TADAHHH!!! Here's my face, half-done!!!

And TADAHHH again! Both sides done!

Posing in front of the stage!

Romeo and us! (His skin was glistening a little under the harsh fluorescent lights. But flawless, I tell you!

The pose which Romeo suggested!!! Hahaha!!!

Romeo's a really dedicated and patient makeup artist. He was very patient and careful in doing our makeup and he tried his best to explain to us his steps via the translator. He was worried that he couldn't get his message across to us effectively and as he wanted it. I was really, really, incredibly impressed and very honoured to have a one-to-one makeup session with him. (:

Thank you Laneíge, Joyce and Brandstory for arranging this!!! :DDD Otherwise, I would never have had the chance. (:

Please mentally erase the bad skin. My skin was recovering from the drought then and it still is (Much, much better now though!). Still, SIGH!!!

A close-up of my eye!

And last but not least, here are some of my thoughts.

Blogging is no easy business. Especially when I try to strive for perfection in every post and I have school and my family and friends... I get very jaded at times. After pictorial posts (Some which have taken more than ten hours to do.), all I want to do is lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. But I can't because I have to work on my school homework (HAHAHA. Yes, I actually place blogging in front of schoolwork. Though that has to change soon. REAL soon. Exams are in April!).

(I'm not complaining or whining because after all, I choose to do pictorial posts. Just saying what it feels like. Anyway, that isn't the main point! The next paragraph is!!!)

But I will always be very glad that I started this blog and I will always be thankful for the things that have happened because of it. Through blogging, I have made some really amazing friends. (: There are some friendships which go beyond blogging and I'm not exactly very Christian-y but I do believe that these friends are God-given. Juliet's definitely one of them. (:

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