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GOODIES: K-Palette's New Darlings!

I'm 8 days late with this and I'm so sorry! I'm trying to blog in a chronological order but there has been so many things and I was having my midterms. But anyway, let's jump right into this!

This March, K-Palette has 2 new darlings joining the Singapore family!!! Yay! :DDD K-Palette is one of my favourite brands and I am so incredibly happy that the brand is expanding! Yay for K-Palette!!!

And oh yes... Back to the products. Charlene, concentrate! Heh.

The darlings came wrapped up in the prettiest media kit I have ever received! Thank you, Ariel, for putting in the extra effort! :DDD

The box actually accompanies my blog pretty well! Haha.

Say hello to K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black) and Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer!!! *waves frantically*

I'm not sure if you remember this but I used to wave Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil all over my blog. Then, I discovered K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Super Black) and switched camps permanently. But there are days when I just want to tightline and I can't do that with a liquid eyeliner. I usually use a pencil or a gel liner but some of it always get transferred to the bottom lid at the end of the day.

So it is with open arms, blowing of trumpets and throwing of bright, colourful confetti that I welcome K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black)! This nondescript-looking but very powerful pencil (I realized that K-Palette's liners are always housed in simple, classy black pens. Only the limited edition ones come pretty in pink.) has had 500, 000 pieces of it sold in a year in Japan!

This pencil promises to stay by your side in times of water, sweat and sebum, perfect for tightlining! :D Tightlining is when you apply the liner directly at the base of your lashes. This makes it less obvious and more natural than the normal liner but it defines your eyes nonetheless. Your lashes also look a lot denser and you look more awake. (:

The pencil is also of the smooth type, so all you need to do is to glide the pencil across your lid! There will be absolutely no need for the tugging of skin!

The pencil comes in a twist-up form. Even for the cap, you twist it to get it off. This is good news for me because I always don't push the cap in entirely for the liquid one.

I like that I don't need to deal with shavings but this also means that I can't get the pencil to be sharp. Right now, I have the edge but once it becomes blunt, I foresee a little trouble in drawing really thin lines. But for me, not having to deal with messy shavings (And cleaning the sharpener. Gosh. It's a completely messy affair!) makes the bluntness okay. Haha. I hate messy stuff!

Thin and thick lines! :DDD It's a beautiful shade of black! And the liner draws easily. No worries about premature lines around your eyes! Haha. It sorta rhymes, no?

Waterproof, aye? Let's run it under the tap!

And... GOSH! Not a bit of it budge! At all!

Let's try rubbing it after the water. Real hard! The 2 ends wear off a little but it's still there in all its beautiful black glory!

Still won't budge, aye? Let's try scratching!!! Okay, I sound a tad too happy wanting to scratch myself. That's not the case. It's all in the name of beauty. *nods solemnly* Haha. Anyway, finally, more if it comes off. This is only after running the liner under the tap and rubbing it vigorously.

See just how little of it came off? :D

I can't wait to try the pencil out tomorrow! I have been wanting to try it since I got it a couple of weeks back but I had to painfully wait till I took all the photos I needed for this entry (Pains of a beauty blogger.). Heh. But I'm pretty certain that K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black) will take up permanent residence in my makeup bag! :D

The next darling is the Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer. This concealer comes in 3 shades and each is tasked to hide different darkness intensities of the eye circles.

01 Natural Beige is for ladies with a hint of eye circles. Formulated with special hydrating ingredients like Super lower-molecular Hyaluronic Acid-A, Water-soluble Collagen and Rose Water, it helps to ensure the areas under your eyes are well-hydrated.

02 Yellow Beige is for eye circles that are a result of pigmentation or skin dullness. It is packed with brightening ingredients like Vitamin C Derivative, Chamomilla Recutita Extract and Prune Extract.

03 Orange Beige covers up eye circles that are caused by poor blood circulation. The orange helps to cancel out the colour of the blood vessels around tired eyes. It has ingredients like Swertia Japonica Extract, Silver Birch Leaves Extract and Amino Acid (Glycine) to awaken tired eyes by improving blood circulation.

Mine is in the shade 01 Natural Beige. It comes in a 13g lip gloss squeeze tube. I like that I needn't dip my fingers into the product! One thing though, some of the product usually gets onto the side of the opening. Do make sure to give it a good clean before you screw the cap back on!

Where the product comes up to in the tube.

And here's how the concealer looks like out of the tube! It blends pretty easy on my arm but I'm not sure how it will go on my under eyes. I will try it soon and report back! (:

As aforementioned, both products have already been launched! The 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black) can be found sitting in selected Watsons outlets at a price of $19.90. Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer, on the other hand, is residing in all Sasa outlets for the same price. Both are available on Beauty Carousel. (:

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