Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Had the loveliest day with Fel yesterday. It brought back JC memories and how we spent time chatting during P.E. lessons about anything and everything, whilst others sweated it out. Heh.

When we had our last day of school in TKGS, I had a MSN conversation with Clara Tan and I was like 'I wish I could keep in contact with everyone in our class.'. And I cried because I couldn't (Okay, I'm a crybaby. I cry at the most trifling things.).

Many people walk into our lives everyday. But sometimes, our paces fall out of rhythm with one another. Some run. Some stroll. And we get separated. We have Facebook now to let us know that the people who used to be in our lives are doing okay (Or for 'stalking'.) but that's it.

I would really like to keep all the people I have in my life right now.

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