Thursday, March 22, 2012

RAMBLINGS: Hi world.

The other day, I was tweeting to a friend and she said that she's the type who will throw things out when she doesn't need them, even if they were had emotions as price tags.

My cupboard used to be chock-full of stuff. When Mum opened the doors, things would just fall out like they had a life of their own. Scraps of paper with little notes scribbled on, crushed and looking completely 'vintage'... I had tons of that. Old postcards declaring everlasting and 'golden' friendship, autograph books... I like to keep such stuff because I wanted to be able to read them when I'm rocking upon a porch with my soulmate.

It was the same way I treated SMSes. I kept lovely ones that made my heart skip many beats, that made me feel like I was the most special girl on earth yada yada yada... (Of course, I think it's all bull now. Funny how the way love works. Oh wells. *shrugs*)

When the cookie crumbled and things were turned inside out, I thought those messages could keep me going and so I read them over and over, reliving every moment. But that was what broke me eventually (And quickly too.), reliving the moments, wishing that time would go back (Praying in this area sure as hell will not work.).

Life isn't like a game. You can't die and then, recreate your character, go through the same paths and make things better (Like making sure your Pidgey goes first, instead of Bulbasaur, against Misty's Squirtle.). If you haven't got it in the present, then having it in the past amounts to absolutely nothing.

I don't keep my messages now. Or things for the matter (Unless they have great Art & Craft value.).

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