Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RAMBLINGS: The long way home.

I was feeling quite terrible today, after my Time Series paper... Actually, I have been feeling terrible for a while now. To be really melodramatic, my doings have made me a toy for the gods to tease and mock. Hahaha. What a funny description (It's amazing how I can still find things to laugh about when things aren't going my way. *shakes head*). But anyway, this year had little ups, which were then completely nullified by the gazillion downs that came after them.

After accompanying Shi Hui to her tuition kid's place, I picked up a Swiss burger and a cup of Oolong tea and they took me home.

I love long walks and being alone with my thoughts. As learned in my Communications class, intrapersonal talk allows for self-reflection. The past few weeks, despite one of them being Recess, I had scarcely a moment to myself. I'm guessing that I can't function my best when I'm with somebody because I am lulled into the sense of his security. Sadly, his security is an obstruction to my independence.

I'm still trying to figure things out.

In the books department, I completed 'The Chronicles of Narnia'! HURRAY!!! I can't wait to catch the films and be transported to the land of happy endings! I absolutely abhor sad endings! I mean, there is so much sadness going on in the world already. Why would I want to go from a miserable world to one that's even more miserable. I say, so NOT the point of fiction.

Anyway, I started on Coco Chanel's story and despite the lies that she wove, it has been most inspiring. She strove hard for what she wanted. The magnitude of her drive is most admirable.

Blogging day for me tomorrow. Oh yes. Do I sound completely schizophrenic, what with my beauty and ramblings entries coming one after the other? I mentioned this before... I'm a complete Miss Sunshine when it comes to beauty stuff but aye, it rains a little when it comes to my personal life.

Ah well, I usually direct people to Sunbathing Muffins. Head on there for some happiness please! :DDD

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