Monday, March 5, 2012

RAMBLINGS: Pitter-patter.

A few nights ago, I had a dream of tsunami waves and guess what? Haha. I can actually google that! How amazing is Google?!? But anyway, since other people dream of tsunami waves too, it makes me think that somehow we are all connected internally... It's more than being wired the same way. Anyway, it's my 3rd tsunami-waves dream. I never drowned in any but it was incredibly breath-taking looking at the waves come at you at such height and ferocity and yet, still stay safe.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of Chinese vampires and fairies.

(Read more about tsunami-waves dreams here and dreams there. I wouldn't read too much into it though. But aye, it's interesting!)

I have been reading up on communications for my upcoming test on Tuesday. And though, it's very insightful, it makes things a little predictable. It's just like my film class... Every genre has a formula. It isn't that I wasn't aware of it before. I was. But now, I'm completely aware of it. And because I like to link things here and there (Which is a very useful skill in secondary school and junior college. And rendered completely useless in university, because you are thinking too much.), films just aren't the same anymore.

And now, I can sort of analyze communication... I guess I will understand myself better but hmm, such comprehension may lead to some very false justifications. Like 'Oh. It's alright that I'm responding in this way now because I'm just reacting to what the other person did.'. But hmm, since it makes me more aware of the happenings, I may very well be in better control of my thoughts and actions.

Oh yes. The sky is frightfully dark now, which I actually like. The weather's all nice and cooling. I rather wet than warm. Though I prefer sunshine to gloom. Oh! It will be wonderful if it rained when there was sun and go all hot and humid when it was gloomy! Hahaha!

Before I leave, here's a cheery song to chase away the Monday gloom!


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