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REVIEW: Be in the Pink of Health with Lactacyd Intimate!

In the middle of February, I received a huge pink box from Lactacyd Singapore. Though pink isn't my favourite colour (It's currently peach. But it may be pink tomorrow, or the day after...), it was a tad difficult not to get excited (Being a girl and all. Tee hee! :D)!

I have seen Lactacyd many times when I make my usual rounds in Watsons and have used it when I was a kid. But I guess it was pretty troublesome using two different types of soap (Body wash and Lactacyd.), so Mum stopped buying it.

BUT (Here comes the 'but' that's present in EVERY story. Haha.).. Did you know that your body wash may be too alkaline for the natural acidic layer that covers your down south?!? The natural acidic layer protects the area from bacteria!

I had NO idea! I did think of getting a feminine wash way before this was sent to me because I'm currently doing Brazilian IPL and I wanted to make sure that my area was extra clean. But I kept delaying the purchase (So that I can buy other stuff. Haha.) because I really didn't know the difference (Between a body was and one that's made for the area specially.) and how important it was to use a wash that is made for down south!

The huge pink Lactacyd contains

Lactacyd Intimate Daily Wash 250ml x 3 bottles
Lactacyd Feminine Wipes 10s x 2 sets
Gym Bag

The Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash comes in a 250ml bottle. It helps to prevent infections and irritations with its gentle formula of natural milk extracts and Lactic acid. The latter also ensures that our pH level isn't disturbed.

This wash is designed for our intimate area and is gentle enough to be used daily. (:

The cap flips open to reveal an opening from which you can squeeze the wash out. The wash isn't too runny so it's pretty easy to control the amount that you squeeze out. But for those who prefer pumping out liquids from the bottles...

FRET NOT!!! A complimentary dispenser comes in the box! :DDD

Lactacyd also comes in the form of wipes, Lactacyd Feminine Wipes. Each packet holds 10 sheets and it has a cotton-like texture. The wipes are made with the same ingredients as the wash.

The wipe isn't dripping with solution, so you don't need to worry about needing to wash it off after using it or anything like that. It's a rinse-free formula, cleaning and refreshing you in an instant!

This is pretty handy after a good working out session and also, perfect for our Singapore weather (When you want to keep yourself fresh while you are out!).

I don't know about you but I have always thought that with our hot and humid weather, our down south can get pretty unhygienic. This is especially so when I like to wear stockings and also, when it's the time of the month. I became more aware of this after my Brazilian wax (Click here to read my virgin experience!) and so, I decided to go for Brazilian IPL (I have gone for 4 sessions so far, I think.).

Each session, my therapist would comment that my area's a little dry. I thought it was because I wore way too many panty liners (Just to umm... Feel safe. Lol. But these things steal the natural moisture from the area! So don't wear them unnecessarily!) but now that I think of it, it makes perfect sense that my body wash may be contributing to the Sahara desert condition going on there.

I have used the Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash since I got it and though I can't exactly tell if it's no longer drying up, I do feel that the skin is softer. (:

Before I go hide myself in my books, Lactacyd Singapore has a Color Code application to determine your mood for the day (Click here to play it!)! At the same time, you can redeem a free trial kit. (:

Alrighty, ladies! I hope this entry has increased you awareness of feminine hygiene. (: Have a pleasant weekend! :DDD


  1. What a great review… Some women probably have this feminine wash on their list too. This write up can be of great help to them! Oh, I just remembered… my friend used to talk about this to me. I’ll share this link to her… May I?

    ~~Jennifer West

    1. Hi Jennifer (: Thanks for your compliments! (: Yes, of course! It will be fab to spread the word about feminine hygiene. (:


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