Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SPOTTED: Stila at Sephora!

Though I go to Orchard like it's my third home, it's not always that I drop by Sephora. And that is because I am doing my very best NOT to purchase Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette. But Fel needed to redeem her $40 voucher so I was like 'Heh heh heh! I get to go to Sephora!'. And as I neared the black and white tiles, I spotted a familiar girl who has been missing for quite a while!

And it's none other than Stila!!!

I remembered being introduced to this brand when I was pretty young and wasn't into makeup yet. Mum loved the drawings and packaging and she was like "SEE, SEE?!? So pretty!!!". And I was like "Uh huh." and that ended the conversation. Ah... What a massive difference a few years made!

This was taken with my iPhone (Pardon the quality.) at the Ngee Ann City outlet. :DDD

In The Light, In The Garden and In The Moment palettes are available at $55. Each palette is a treasure chest of 10 smooth and pigmented eyeshadows. I have In The Light and since I got my hands on it, I haven't touched Urban Decay's Naked Palette. :\ I'm eyeing on In The Garden palette, but I really do NOT need any more eyeshadows (And here, the horrible midget in me screams "BUT IT'S STILA!!!".).

BUT what really got to me were the new Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Primer + Shadow + Liners (Again, please pardon the quality.)! I actually just picked them up for fun. But when the swatching began, I was like *turned abruptly to Fel* "I NEED THIS!!!".

(from left to right) Kitten, Antique, Midnight Blue, Pink Violet, Dazzling (Sephora Exclusive), Umber, Smoke and Black.

The crayons went on really smooth and made one lovely dream! I probably swatched Kitten a million times and Fel was warning me about a rotting hand (When I tried to rub it, it refused to budge!!!). They are rather pricey though, at $31 per pencil.

But after much persuasion from Fel, coupled with the facts that I have been spending and I have more than enough eyeshadow palettes for my 2 small eyelids, I came home with none. SIGH. Perhaps, some day, when has a sale, I'll be a owner of these darlings.


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