Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LOOKBOOK: I'm like a bird!

This was what I wore to the Maybelline New York event 2 Saturdays ago (I'll be blogging about it tomorrow! Stay tuned! :D)! The navy Sparrows Cardigan is from Love & Bravery, one of my favourite online shops.

The mustard spaghetti-strapped shirt is from Forever 21 and I bought it ages ago. Did you know that the spaghetti-strapped shirt was first worn by men?!? Haha. I can't imagine guys wearing these now! The shirt is thought to come from England in the 1920s and was made fashionable by rich upper-class men!

The asymmetrical turquoise skirt is from Zara. Mum got it for me because she knows just how much I love such skirts! When you walk, there's air behind you and the tail of the skirt lifts up ever so slightly and you TOTALLY feel like a fairy! *flutters*

The skirt's a little stiff and I guess the stiffness is needed so that the pleats will stay. It's so important for pleats to be straight. That way, they look structured and sophisticated. Flimsy pleats make the whole piece of clothing look cheap!

And then, my commentary ends here. What follows is a series of narcissistic shots because though my skin was as scaly as the snake's skin (Referring to the drought that my face was going through the past few weeks! You can read about my skin woes here. My skin has pretty much recovered, save for 2 particularly annoying areas. BE GONE!), it looks perfectly alright here!

YAY for distance!!! :DDD (20cm away from me and you will see just how bad it was! The 20cm rule is from SK-II's latest event. Read about it here!)

(Please excuse the untidy room. Those photos with the bed in sight were taken before the event and I was running a little late.)

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