Monday, March 12, 2012

LOOKBOOK: I'm a tree!!!

Haha. One minute, I'm ketchup and mustard and the next, I morph into a tree. But I thought that forest green and camel brown went very well together... And I failed to notice the resemblance with a tree, until very much later.

The Forest top is from Love, Bonito and is named Kory Knit Top. It is made of comfortable knit and comes in no sizes. I do wish their Cameron Cardi was made of this material instead of the scratchy knit that was used.

The neck opening is a tad too wide or perhaps, my shoulders aren't wide enough. But either way, it keeps sliding off the shoulders. It's alright for me but it irked Mum (She borrowed my Mustard piece. Yes! I got it in 2 colours! :D). I wore a tank top inside as it's a tad sheer under strong light.

The Double Trouble Hi-Waist Shorts in Camel Brown is a child of The Tinsel Rack. I was thinking of an English school teacher when I chose my colour. You know how they always carry those handsome, dark brown satchels. Heh. I thought it would go nicely with the gazillion white tees which I own and continue buying.

The material's rather thin, but it's much thicker than the pair of shorts I got from Love, Bonito. It's very comfortable and isn't and doesn't look flimsy, which I like. There's a very slight sheen to the shorts, making it look pretty smart.

I paired it with my white (Well, now cream.) ballet flats from New Look and a black satchel from Typo was made my arm candy.

I really like both pieces... Separately. I don't think I look very put together that day. Mmhmm... Maybe it's because of the fringe? Haha. I butchered it myself to save a couple of bucks! Besides, hair will always grow... RIGHT?!? Heh.

My Maybelline New York post will be coming up this week! And the results for the giveaway as well. :D Alrighty, gotta jet now. Stay safe! :DDD

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