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SWATCHES: Maybelline New York's New Babies!

The recent Maybelline New York event (Click here to read about it!) marked the launch of 4 new products; The Clear Smooth B.B White, the Magnum Volum' Express, the white Master Liner and the Jelly Glow Blush!

I'll be sharing some of my thoughts on these products, making some comparisons (Okay, just one for this entry. Heh.) and of course, all these will not be complete without swatches (Which is actually what this entry is for... I just decided to ramble a little. Heh.)! (:

First up, the Clear Smooth B.B White. Maybelline New York has 3 different types of B.B. creams. The first one that was the B.B Cream, followed by the Pure BB Mineral Mousse, which created quite a wave in the beauty blogosphere. I have tried both of these. The Maybelline New York's B.B Cream was just like your average B.B. cream. The Pure BB Mineral Mousse created a perfect airbrushed canvas but if you have dry skin, it is not for you.

As you can see I'm just alright with the brand's B.B. creams. Not disliking them but I'm not raving about them either. Whatever it is, B.B. creams are STILL B.B. creams and where they are concerned, they have my heart *grins*. So let's check out the spankin' brand new Clear Smooth B.B White!

The Clear Smooth B.B White comes in a small tube, just like the B.B Cream. It is palm-sized and will fit nicely into any small makeup pouches for quick touch-ups.

You twist the cap to reveal a nozzle from which you can squeeze the B.B. cream out. Hygiene is definitely well taken care of!

The Clear Smooth B.B White comes in two shades; 01 Light and 02 Natural. I was given the darker shade and for those who eschew B.B. creams because they are always so light, yay for you! :D

For those who want a gauge, this is lighter and brighter than Ginvera Green Tea's Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF 30/ PA++. The Ginvera one is kinda like a dull brown, whereas the Maybelline one is a deeper beige (A tad orangey.). For me, if the colour doesn't seem like a good match, I try to balance things up with my powder. (:

There is a slight sheen to B.B. cream and it will probably give a dewy look. This doesn't dry to a matte finish. Dry skins can probably start rejoicing while I suggest normal skins to powder a little and oily skins to powder up!

And just in case you are interested, this washes off pretty easily with water (Though I still will use a makeup remover to ensure all traces of it is gone.).

The white Master Liner is the most interesting product, out of the 4. It is really cool because it is made specifically for the waterline, giving you the much coveted dolly look with just a few strokes!

I am not aware of any such products (Being made specifically for the waterline.) so I'd like to see how it fares on the much 'elusive (Where eyeliners are concerned.)' waterline! It seems like most of the Asian brands are going for the cute gyaru/ ulzzang look now!

The Master Liner comes in a pen form, with a cap which you pull off. You twist the upper body of it to reveal the stark white liner. There is no need for sharpening! Yay to no mess!!! :DDD

The only downside with such pencil liners is that you can't get the liner to be as sharp as you want though. But I guess this doesn't matter for this liner because it's going onto your waterline and you don't want to be hurting it with a sharp tip!

One thing you can do to ensure that the liner stays on your waterline for as long as it is possible is to dab dry your waterline with a cotton bud, apply the liner and then, pat a little white eyeshadow on top of it. (:

Now, let's do the water test and run it under the tap!

It barely budged under the running tap! Rubbing does take it away though. I'm glad that it won't make as much as a mess as black liners do (Think: Panda eyes.). The pen's pretty slim and light to carry around for touch-ups, if need be.

Testing on the skin and the waterline will certainly produce different results. I'll try it out for school next week and report back! :D

And now, for the Jelly Glow Blush! We have 4 shades here in Singapore. I read from somewhere that the Jelly Glow Blush blushers are supposed to be like the Dream Mousse Blush ones. I'm not quite sure about this. Anyway, more on this later...

This blushers are the cutest things ever! They are smaller than the size of your palms and the packaging isn't very pretty but it's practical!

You lift up the clasp and you see this cute little cushion! Haha. It's really cute! I like small things. Heh.

//EDIT: Oh gosh! The Jelly Glow Blush is supposed to resemble the Dream Bouncy Blush! Sorry for the mistake! :\ I'm gonna leave the swatches up anyway. Terribly sorry for the mix-up! Thanks cherubslips for pointing it out to me! (:

I thought I do a comparison with the Dream Mousse Blush since I have it. Packaging-wise, I prefer the Jelly Glow Blush's one. The Dream Mousse Blush comes in a really thick, heavy tub. I won't lug this around in my makeup pouch, for certain.

Please excuse how gross my Dream Mousse Blush looks. Mine is in the shade 20 Peach Satin. Both of them are completely different. The Dream Mousse Blush one is like soft marshmallow, whereas the Jelly Glow Blush feels waxy. And I think the latter skips the shimmers that the Dream Mousse is sprinkled generously with.

I don't quite like the Dream Mousse Blush (Click here to read my review.) because I think it emphasizes my pores.

Hopefully, the Jelly Glow Blush won't!

Under normal lighting.

Under sunlight.

Alrighty. Before I jet, I hope the swatches were helpful! If you have anything that you would like me to note when I'm testing out the products, please let me know. (: Thanks for reading!

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