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REVIEW: Belif's The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb

Happy Monday, ladies! I hope your blues are gone by now because Monday's ending and it's only 4 more days till TGIF! :DDD Today, I will be reviewing quite possibly my favourite-st product EVER! In Meredith's words, this is a product that is 'Woah, just woah.'.

Not too long ago, I blogged about my first haul from Belif and gawd! My love for this brand has gone way beyond the depths of the deepest ocean (And here, my cousin will say that he smells cheese. Though he would say that in a different context. But anyway...)! I'm in love with the brand's story, philosophy, the fact that no synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil and ingredients of animal origins are used in the products and of course, the products which I have used and are currently using!

I introduced the brand in my earlier entry and if you would like to know how I discovered the brand in the sea of so many brands (Thank you, Chantana! I shall thank you in ALL my entries about Belif!!!), you can read it here. :DDD

And before I bore you any further with my declarations of undying love...

Though I bought the full-sized The True Cream - Aqua Bomb, it was the travel-sized The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb which I decided to experiment with first. If you had followed me on Twitter, you would have been bombarded with my tweets, or rather wailing, about having the driest skin ever. And then, the nightmare of all nightmares, breakouts. I probably used a gazillion products before my skin resembled a fraction of what it used to be.

Before I started using The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb, my skin on my inner cheeks and on the sides of my nose's bridge was dry and slightly flaky. I was also breaking out on my inner cheeks. And my skin definitely felt tight after each wash. So I decided that the richer cream would be better for me (The Aqua Bomb is for oily/ combination skin and the Moisturizing Bomb is for dry skin.).

The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb contains Comfrey Leaf, which is a powerful hydrating agent. The cream is said to provide 26 hours worth of hydration. 'The soft and pure white cream literally wraps the skin with comfort, supplying moisture without dryness and tightness for hours.'

It is formulated with Napiers' original and moisture formulae. The former helps to help skin healthy and delay signs of ageing. The latter ensures that the skin is hydrated and at the same time, regulates oil production. (Napiers is one of UK's leading complementary and health care providers and has a history that started 151 years ago! You can read more about Napiers here.)

The opaque white cream comes out thick and skin that is oily will eschew it. But my dry skin lapped it up like it was pureed gold. It feels a little greasy initially but it is absorbed into the skin fairly quickly.

You just need slightly less than a 10-cent coin amount and you can cover your entire face. (:

After a couple of days of using the Moisturizing Bomb, save for my chin, there wasn't a single inch of my face that was dry! No flaking and my foundation went on oh-so-smoothly! My chin took a while longer but it's completely cured from the dry spell now! AND my skin no longer feels tight after a wash!!! This hasn't happened since before puberty began! Can you say 'HOLA!'?!?

And there was one thing which I did not expect to happen... My skin actually looked clearer!!! :DDD I swear I wanted to skip instead of walk everyday but there is a need for a decent level of decorum to be maintained so... (The BA that helped me mentioned that this will help with outbreaks but it isn't written on the container so I kinda forgot about it. The Aqua Bomb doesn't help with breakouts but with sebum control.)

I would really recommend this to everyone! Actually, I'm already doing that on Twitter (Follow me here!)! Hehe! :DDD I really, really, REALLY think that this brand, and especially this product, are worth checking out!

Oh yes. I started using the Aqua Bomb but I don't really like it. ): Somehow, it doesn't gives the kind of oomph! that the Moisturizing Bomb so generously gives. So even though my skin is usually of the combination type, I will still buy the Moisturizing Bomb. :DDD

I think practically all my sentences ended with exclamation marks and it seems like I'm Happiness itself. Haha! It's just that I'm so, extremely excited about Belif (The Moisturizing Bomb, especially!) and I want to share it with you (I hope it's evident!). Haha. Anyway, this has been quite an essay and I'm really sorry about that. No, not really! Moisturizing Bomb kicks ass! Hehe!

I'm off to bury my head in books now! Do check out Belif and let me know if you have hauled! :DDD



  1. Hi there!

    I googled and found your post about the aqua bomb and moisturizing bomb - so the BA back then mentioned the moisturizing bomb is good for breakouts?
    I actually bought both and decided to use the aqua bomb first given that weather in HK is still quite humid and my skin is really sensitive so every other product would break me out pretty much immediately. But then of course after using it for 2 days, my left cheek is reacting and breaking out in small pustules! (Only my left cheek)

    So I'm wondering if I should abandon the aqua bomb and go with the moisturizing bomb instead... it's so frustrating!

    1. Hi Joanne! Yep, that was what the BA told me. If you google, there are some articles that say comfrey helps heal breakouts. ◡̈ But hmm... Small pustules can be an indication of an allergic reaction. Perhaps you could do a patch test with the Moisturising Bomb first?

      My skin's actually quite sensitive at the moment so I'm currently using a moisturiser that has colloidal oatmeal and I mask pretty frequently with oatmeal flour. These have calmed my skin quite a bit.

  2. Thank you Charlene! It seems like the only area in my face that would get an allergic reaction is my left cheek (for now)... so I have come to realize that even if I did a patch test, it wouldn't help :(

    I ended up taking the plunge and just went with the moisturizing bomb... and it did clear up everything in a few days so I'm sticking to this for life! Hahahaha ;) I just hope when the hot humid weather in HK strikes again, this would still be okay to use!

    Oooh what is the moisturizer you're using now? Colloidal oatmeal sounds divine. What about sunscreen? I haven't been able to find one that doesn't give me an allergic reaction... I also bought one from Belif but not sure if I'd want to take the risk just yet!

    Thank you so much again Charlene! :)


  3. Hi Joanne ◡̈ So glad that it worked for you! :D Hopefully, you won't have to suffer from any more episodes of allergies from here on. I know how frustrating it can get. :\ Anyway, Christmas is approaching and Belif Singapore usually has some deals where you can save a bit. Maybe HK will have them too? Just in case you want to stock up a little. Heh.

    Oh, I'm actually using a mixture of Dermaveen (2% Colloidal Oatmeal) and Physiogel. Both are body lotions actually but they work for my face. Physiogel was actually recommended by a derm to my cousin when she went to the UK. It seems to be helping those red allergic bumps. Another brand that has Colloidal Oatmeal (1%) is the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream. This has no alcohol and you can get it easily from ◡̈

    For sunscreen, I'm currently taking Heliocare (oral sunscreen) and using VMV Hypoallergenics foundation with SPF. :\ I know it isn't enough but I'm also afraid that my skin would react. :\ I did get a physical sunscreen from VMV recently. I'll let you know if it works! Maybe let me know if you find one too? Heh. ◡̈


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