Tuesday, April 3, 2012

REVIEW: K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black)

In early March, I received a pretty hot pink box from K-Palette. I was extremely excited to find that I was given the K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil (Super Black) and rambled on like a old grandmama about my eyeliner history. Haha.

Do read the entry here for more information about the eyeliner, as well as my initial thoughts about it! And oh! I also introduced the Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer. (:

Here's the eyeliner in all its black glory! One thing that you need to remember is that you need to twist the cap to get it off. Otherwise, it's a 'very clean' pencil eyeliner. No sharpening, no shavings, completely mess-free!!! :D

But as aforementioned in the earlier entry, this also means that you can't get the tip to be very sharp. For me, it wasn't much of a problem. I usually smoke out my pencil eyeliner. I draw a rough line, it doesn't have to be (And it certainly isn't, for me.) neat. After that, I use a thin brush and just smoke it out. :D

Here's a photo of my left eye all done up! I tightlined and did my waterline too (Is there a 'word' for drawing on your waterline? Like you say 'I tightline my eyes'. But you don't go 'I waterline my eyes.'. Hmmm...).

And oh yes! I need to mention how I do my waterline. Haha. Immediately after drawing on my tightline, I squeeze my eyes really, really hard! And TADAHHH! My waterline is done and the line is as precise as it can possibly get! Haha. I do touch it up a little, where bits of the eyeliner aren't transferred properly.

And here's a photo of my right eye at the end of the day (I took a photo of the wrong eye by mistake. :\)!

Some of the eyeliner has got onto my lower lid and I guess, with pencil eyeliners, panda eyes are inevitable. ): But the eyeliner is pretty much still on my tightline (Almost the entire thing.) and waterline (Slightly less than 3/4?). (:

I didn't use any of the tricks to make the eyeliner stay longer on my tightline and waterline for review purposes (And also, because I am usually in a rush and need to save up on as many makeup steps as possible. Haha!). But here are tips for you to help make your eyeliner stay longer (On the tightline, waterline and even on lids!):

1. Dry your tightline and waterline using a cotton bud first.
2. After drawing, powder the pencil eyeliner with a little black (Or whatever shade you are using.) eyeshadow.

I hope this was helpful. (: Thanks for reading! (:


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