Sunday, April 1, 2012

SPOTTED: Rachel K Cosmetics in Hot Pink!

Last Friday night *starts singing the Katy Perry song*, I decided to pop by Watsons when I was in Bugis and immediately spotted something hot pink! Okay, before this, the only thing that's visibly hot pink the moment you step into Watsons is the Skin79 display. I'm not exactly a hot pink girl, though I do like ballet pink and before I digress any further about which shade of ballet pink that I like...

TADAHHH!!! Rachel K Cosmetics's Mineral Color Control (CC) Belmish Balm in new clothes!!! I'm not sure if the formula has been changed, but the CC cream now comes in a smaller (1.41 fl.oz. vs. 1.70 fl.oz.) and cheaper ($29.90 vs. $35) tube.

There were 3 shades available previously; the original one, Neutral and Sunkissed. But I only spotted the original one in black and the Neutral one in hot pink.

I really appreciate the smaller and cheaper tubes because it means that you can actually finish the products! I don't know about you but I haven't hit pan in ANYTHING and haven't got to the base of any tubes/ bottles (Where makeup is concerned.). And I often have to throw them out before finishing them. :\ (Which reminds me that I really need to STOP buying makeup. I didn't use to be a foundie junkie but now, I have two little cubby-holes of face products. Sheesh!)

There doesn't seem to be a change in packaging for the Mineral Color Control (CC) Pressed Powder. I thought it would be good if the container were made thinner...

And on a different topic, spot me in Watsons!!! :DDD Thanks Ariel! (:


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