Friday, May 11, 2012

EVENT: The New Laneíge Boutique, Revealed!

The day right after my examinations ended, I got to attend the opening of Laneíge's very first stand alone concept store at the spankin' brand new JCube! It was a wonderful way to mark the end of the school term and celebrate the start of the hols (WOHOO!!!). Thank you so much, BrandStory Babes, for the invitation! :DDD

I have used a couple of Laneíge products and one of my all-time favourites is the Pore Clear Wash Off Pack (It now comes in a new packaging and is under a new name, Pore Minimizing Pack.). For me, it is always interesting to learn more about brands that I love and also, see their makeup artists at work. And of course, I was in for a treat that Friday! :D

The opening of the first Laneíge boutique in Singapore was hosted by the jovial Dasmond Koh. It kicked off with a (blue) ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by a tour round the boutique and a makeup demonstration by one of Laneíge's top makeup artists. :D

Right in the middle of the boutique is a pretty island table of Laneíge's products. The left wall held Laneíge's makeup and the right, more skincare products (This is my dream. To have a wall of makeup and skincare products. Just ONE wall and I'll be the happiest girl on earth. Okay, the island table would be good too. *nods*).

And here's the makeup demonstration! I didn't manage to catch the Korean makeup artist's name but this sure reminded me of my Laneíge's Love in Bloom Alluring Beauty Makeover by Romeo Eun!

See the lady in the bottom photo? She's a Korean and was the translator of the day and we had a conversation that went like this...

Lady: You're a Korean!
Me: Umm... No?
Lady: No. You're a Korean!
Me: No, no! I'm a Singaporean!
Lady: What are you working as?
Me: Oh. I'm not working. I'm a student.
Lady: You look like a Korean.

It isn't the first time that I was told I look like some other nationality. Just the day before, I had my spectacles on and a lady asked me if I were from China. When I was working as a promoter, I had nationalities like Korean, Japanese and Mainland Chinese. I really wonder how Singaporean girls look like and how different my features are from them... But anyway, I was secretly (Or maybe not.) pleased. After all, Koreans are known for their fairness. Hehe.

Here's the pretty model, all done up! :D

The wall of makeup... Sighhh!!! And the Snow BB Soothing Cushion looks sooo good!!!

This is the Snow BB Cream. This went on really lightweight but hmm... I think there's only one shade for it (The website doesn't say much here.) and it is rather light. :\

And TADAHH!!! Chantana, Vivian, Val and I all had our caricatures drawn by this amazing artist! He drew with BOTH hands and cut our outlines straight from the paper!!!

He drew me shopping, without me saying anything. Hahaha! Guess the word 'shopaholic' is written all over my face. Haha.

And last but not least, this is the spa area, behind the boutique walls! There are two very cozy rooms and I believe, these are the only Laneíge spa rooms in Singapore!

Alrighty, I'm heading out in the evening. But before I leave, congrats Laneíge Singapore on your first stand alone concept store!!! It is always so lovely to see my beloved brands expanding! And thanks again, BrandStory Babes! :DDD


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