Thursday, May 31, 2012

FOOD: The Connoisseur Concerto

Hi guys!!! Friday's coming in 3.5 hours' time! Wohoo!!! Haha. Work has turned me a little crazy but my weekends are no longer spent lazing around, staring at the ceiling.

Last weekend, I ate, exercised, baked, shopped, ironed my clothes and ate some more! Haha. Incredibly productive to me and thank goodness for a high metabolism rate!

Anyway, for those who aren't aware, The Connoisseur Concerto (Or more popularly and affectionately known as TCC.) is having a 1-for-1 deal for this year's GSS! From May 25th to July 22nd, eat to your heart's content with their main course or pasta with your bud and just pay for the price of one (The higher one, of course...)!

Last Saturday, M and I chanced upon it and immediately signaled for 2 seats to the waiter! We dined at Isetan Scotts outlet and their waiters and waitresses were superb! Warm, friendly and alert!

We LOVE Aglio Olio to death so it was only natural that Seafood Aglio Olio was the first we chose (No thinking needed.).

Spaghetti that was al dente, spicy with the chopped chili padis and big, fat, juicy prawns and scallops... Go, go! Make a date tomorrow already!!! :DDD

(We had our 2nd plate yesterday! HAHA!)

For the other dish, we had Pan-seared Fish with Lemongrass Scented Sauce.

The fish was fresh and juicy and the Lemongrass Scented Sauce did not make you feel jaded at all, unlike most creamy sauce (Thank you, Lemongrass!)! I love my fish (Especially when they come boneless.) and this made it to the top!

The roasted potatoes and asparagus doused in some black sauce (I have no idea what it is. My brother and cousins would probably know but they weren't there. And I should have asked. :\) went well the the fish. It was a break from the cream, like a double protection (The first being the lemongrass.) against jadedness.

Such portions (When there's not a lot of carbohydrates.) are usually not enough for me. So... When M and I went to TCC again yesterday (Photos are up on my Instagram! Username's charlenejudith. :D), we had the 1-for-1 deal and another plate of Seafood Aglio Olio! Haha! And I think we are going there again this Saturday, when we take Little Nigel out! Lol!

(Okay, I'm REALLY excited that Friday is fast approaching!)

For yesterday's 1-for-1 deal, we had Roasted Chicken with Rich Sherry Jus and Red-hot Chicken Spaghetti. Both were delicious but we could skip having them again and not feel like we were missing something. I think the two aforementioned were the best from the list, but then again, this is very much dependent on your taste buds. (:

Click here for more info about the promotion! :DDD

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