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INTERVIEW: Let's talk whitening with Mr. Taro Yamaguchi! (Part II)

Carrying on with where we left off in Part I, here's the second part of the interview! :D

5. How did the New Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist come about? What is the inspiration behind them?

For Cellumination Essence Ex
SK-II recently conducted the Close Range Study that reveals that from a close range of 20cm, the skin’s micro tone unevenness and micro texture unevenness become visible, thus affecting the overall visible aura of skin. While make-up and basic foundation can help skin look brighter from a further distance, the true aura quality of a woman’s skin is only revealed at a close range of 20cm.

These findings helped to uncover the link between a unique skincare regimen and skin and life transformation in 2011. Inspired by the need to address the issues of micro tone unevenness and texture roughness, and to renew women’s confidence even at a close range of 20cm, SK-II introduced Cellumination Essence EX, which helps to target the root cause of micro tone issues and to bring women closer and deeper for a new breakthrough in whitening.

For Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate
Stubborn dark spots, also known as age spots or hyperpigmentation, are one of the toughest skin issues that women face today. Dark stubborn spots have always been a top concern among Asian women because we want to have flawless, perfect skin. And as whitening technologies evolve, so have the standards. Nowadays, women want their spotless, skin naturally, without laser.

Using years of skin research, SK-II has discovered that stubborn spots form as a result of dysfunctional melanin discharge. For years, scientists have known that overproduction of melanin at the root of spots, and the slow turnover of melanin-rich cells at the surface, are the causes of spots. One of the latest discoveries from SK-II is that cell proliferation is actually impaired when they contain excessive melanin. This reduces the rate of cell turnover so that melanin-containing cells are not easily eliminated. This new insight is one key reason for the formation of stubborn spots.

Based on these key findings, SK-II has developed the new Whitening Spots Specialist Regimen to target even five-year-old stubborn spots from the roots. Consisting of the highly-awarded Whitening Spots Specialist and the new Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate, this new regimen takes a three-pronged approach to cut, loosen and remove stubborn spots.

6. Could you please describe the science and technology behind these whitening innovations simply?

The new Cellumination Essence EX contains an upgraded Aura-Bright Cocktail which helps to target the root cause of micro tone issues and to bring women closer and deeper for a new breakthrough in whitening. This new Aura-Bright Cocktail delivers the precision of aura-bright micro-evenness of tone and texture, even at a close range of 20cm, and is designed to illuminate skin cell by cell, and refine skin texture at the micro level.

The new Whitening Spots Specialist Regimen has set a new benchmark for whitening. Combining research on the causes of melanin discharge dysfunction together with the discovery of key ingredient, Alarian, SK-II has designed the new Whitening Spots Specialist regimen, a three-pronged attack on women’s stubborn spots which aims to bring women closer to attaining crystal clear skin.

7. What results can ladies expect when they incorporate the products in their skincare regimens? How long do the results take to show?

The Cellumination Essence EX is designed to demonstrate significant improvement on micro texture evenness in just 4 weeks of application; and an improvement in micro tone evenness in 8 weeks of application. The Cellumination Essence EX is recommended to be applied after cleansing, toning and Facial Treatment Essence, by spreading evenly on skin. For best results, apply twice daily, once in the day and once at night.

Meanwhile, the Whitening Spots Specialist is recommended for day and night use as a beauty essence. After Whitening Spots Specialist, complete your whitening regimen with Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate, for additional skincare at night.

The recommended regimen for Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate is to use 1 pack of concentrate by smoothing it onto your problem areas with your fingertips. Then, apply the rest of the product with a gentle knuckling motion onto the concerned area and finally, press down firmly with the heart of the palm to seal the concentrate into the skin. One pack of concentrate will be sufficient for both cheeks, and it is recommended to finish using the pack upon opening to ensure product quality.

8. Thank you, Mr. Yamaguchi, for accepting the interview! Before we end, what is the one important tip that you always advise ladies who like to be fairer?

As mentioned earlier, UV protection is extremely important in your daily skin care regimen as it protects your skin from the damages of the sun.


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