Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RAMBLING: The I word (Part II).

As my training days draw to an end, my level of stupidity/ ignorance seems to be shooting through the layers of atmosphere rapidly. It's like the tangent curve from 0° to 90°. It's like the upward slope of Mount Everest. It's like when a child releases his helium-filled balloon.

When business jargon is flung around the room viciously and everyone seems to be absorbing like a sponge, I find myself turning into a rock of hollowness.

Whilst berating myself for not reading up during the last two weeks as initially planned (My plans usually fail. But I still do tons of mental planning.) seems like an easier option, I can be wiser by stepping on the first rung of the ladder. And I think, I would get it all in the end. Slowly, but surely.


I just need to tell myself that 'insurance' is just another language. 'Deductibles', 'KPI', 'captive insurance' are just like 'benzoyl peroxide', 'BHA (salicylic acid)' and 'tranexamic acid'.

Slowly but surely.

(Do NOT panic.)

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