Monday, May 21, 2012


This was the lovely sky I woke up to in the morn. Though I'm not sure if I should be trembling instead because it isn't normal, is it?!?

I really like the concept of insurance; an exchange of a promise to protect (Though the presence of money taints it a little.).

But hmm... A desk-bound job is one hell of a mountain to climb for me. Nevertheless, the perusing of brochures today made me feel like a big human.

Whilst showering, I thought I would rather spend my summer making, serving and smelling coffee, attending casting calls, tutoring or promoting beauty products. But those days are over. I think I have done everything that I wanted to do (Except being a waitress for a fine-dining restaurant.).

And now, it's time to grow up (I know I took an incredibly long time. Don't judge.), do big human stuff and work on my future.

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