Monday, May 28, 2012


Egg Benny for breakfast.

This is what I had for breakfast today. And I think I will be having it for the rest of my internship. Haha. It's small, cheap and probably the healthiest out of all the unhealthy (But very tasty.) food.

We had a briefing that lasted for 3.5 hours today. And enough sleep meant that I was pretty attentive. Though my eyelids started to carry weights at some points, I managed to pull myself back. WOOT!

H went through the home, health and travel insurance policies and he was incredibly detailed. It was a long briefing but I thought it was very helpful. For the past week, YW and I pored over home policies from the various insurance companies. Now, they aren't strangers but acquaintances, maybe even friends.

Sandy's victory sign.

Headed down to City Hall after work to meet up with dear S. She's leaving this Friday and won't be back till a month later. ):

But before I met up with S, I spotted B at the station! He was on his way for a haircut, which was pretty random to me. Haha. Like I would leave haircuts for a lazy Sunday afternoon but I guess guys don't need too long for their hair. Anyway, it was really cool because just this morning we were wondering how he should return me my cab fare money. And TADAHHH! There he was, like RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

B's an atheist or a freethinker, depending on your religion. Very diplomatic. And oh!!! From day 1 of the training, I thought he look like a Hong Kong actor but I couldn't figure out the name of the actor until Friday, when I told S about it. He reminds me of Nick Cheung! Super duper!!!

Anyway, I got a few minutes with MY after that. He thinks I'm trying to buy tons of clothes so that I needn't repeat any of them. He can't be MORE wrong. It's just that I'm really fussy, especially when it comes to office wear. So I won't hesitate to buy anything that I like. Which hmmm... Seems to happen with every LP's launch (TOMORROW!!!). Haha. But see? I don't spend money on Zara, Topshop and the ilk! My clothes are all below 40 bucks!

And then, I finally met up with S! Went to my favourite Chopsticks by Asian Kitchen! HAHA. It won't be long till I hit my 20th trip to an Asian Kitchen outlet. Anyway, for the FIRST TIME since I got to know S, I saw her actually eat! So much!!! Haha. But it was quite possibly one of my longest dinners... 7/8 of the time, we were laughing so much! My cheeks and sides hurt so badly! Walked around Suntec after that and laughed some more! Hahaha. Gonna miss her so much when she leaves. ):

My ramblings are pretty mundane but someday, I will want to read all this and miss internship so bad.

And oh!!! I signed up for Hatha Yoga class 3 weeks back (C told me during my interview that running was back for the knees. And I think she does Yoga or Pilates.) but am gonna get a refund because classes have been shifted to July and I'll be away. ): Was looking forward to it so much! ):

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