Monday, May 14, 2012

RAMBLINGS: The I word.

Right after my first day of training ended, retail therapy was ALL that I could think about. My bones are tired and my flesh has turned into melted jelly. And all that I did today was sit and listen. AND you have no idea how mentally draining it was. I still have no idea what deductibles are.

Oh, hang on. I'd better ask Mum.

Okay. Yay! I know what they are now. Haha.

I made a friend S. Well, technically, I made friends with her during the briefing in April. And she is sooo awesome! She loves Sammi Cheng so she bought a DSLR and learnt how to use it just so that she could take gorgeous photos of the starlet. And she mastered Cantonese in 3 months! Just because. She keeps scrapbooks of Sammi and flew to Kuala Lumpur for her concert. Her passion is unrelentingly awesome!

The only passion that I ever had was graphic/web-designing. Even then, my skills were really amateurish. But when I had an idea, I worked tirelessly at it. I still remember the night when I was on my bed, thinking of layout ideas and I had the most fabulous idea ever! I couldn't sleep a wink and at 3am, I jumped out of bed, opened up PaintShop Pro (Back then, PSP was THE thing. Okay, now I feel tired AND old.) and spent the next 3 days translating my idea into pixels and codes. The end product was exactly what was in my head and I was just so incredibly pleased and proud of my work!

In retrospect, that piece was nothing more than a child's scribbles but I miss having that sort of passion and drive.

And I wonder if I will ever find it again.

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