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RAMBLINGS: A (Boring) Internship Quickie.

Day 2

Breakfast lane at International Plaza.

I like making my way through International Plaza before I head to work. It's like a night market lane, except that this happens in the morning. Big humans gather around here to grab hearty breakfasts and make morning chitchats. I haven't bought any breakfast here though because the food's oily and really sinful. And when work consumes you, exercise becomes a thing of the past. So I can't afford such evil in my life now. BIG SIGH.

BUT umm... I have Burger King for breakfast? HAHA. It's less oily. *nods head seriously*

Amoy for lunch.

CK brought us to Amoy for lunch. Here you see umbrellas stretch across seats and tissues strategically placed. I ordered dry fishball noodles, hoping that the sauce didn't come out from a bottle. Alas, it did. And the fishballs weren't from the markets so they had this plastic taste. Oh wells. I wasn't really in the mood for queuing.

And it was really warm!

Marriott Hotel.

FICS Annual Conference 2012.

Main course.


Late in the morning, I received a call from C. She had an extra seat at GIA's table and I was available so my night was spent at FICS Annual Conference 2012. This event recognized the smart big humans in the banking and insurance industry. Everyone was clad in stern black and white. I was a little embarrassed to be in my casual waterfall dress and green cardigan so I made my first M.A.C purchase of a pencil eyeliner (WHICH TOTALLY STINKS. LOUSY. USE K-PALETTE. I SWEAR BY IT.) since a year ago?

The dinner was a great experience and M and C are incredibly nice people. I'm really glad that I'm in this internship and they are like the 'parents' (J is the 'older brother'.). I shared a cab with B and we talked about tons of stuff. Thank goodness. I was really afraid of 'awkward silences'.

And I'm never forgetting my cheap pearl earrings. Ever.


Day 3

7.40am crowd.

This is the crowd I deal with every morning. My alarm rings at 6.30am and I laze in bed till around 6.40am, making up a plethora of reasons why I should go to work. I go down and down my cup of water and have my banana leisurely and then, it's a race against time to reach the station by 7.40am.

After 7.40am, I will have to smell strangers' carbon dioxide and body scents and feel their perspiration on my skin.

Anson Road.

A group of ladies from the Brokers department brought us to Anson for lunch. It was less crowded there and I had chicken rice... I think. The memory's a little hazy. Haha. The place is less crowded but just as warm.

SK-II event.

At night, I made my way down to Jetquay for a SK-II event (This will NOT be the last time that I am there.). It was a fabulous event and I was really glad to meet Romona, Fidah, Shirley, Fel and Juliet! :DDD

Fel, Juliet and I headed to Terminal 3 for a littler dinner after that and I was telling them about 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Fel gobbled up the book.

Day 4

Wet market.

I'll walk along the fringe of the wet market every morning. It reeks of fish and raw meat but I love the sight. Someday when I am a big human, I shall get all my groceries from here. They don't have plastic tastes.

On Thursday, I woke up feeling really sick. And I made plans the night before to take MC, so when the alarm rang at 6.30am, I shut it off and was transported into a Japanese ghost story setting. My Japanese friend and I, wearing Japanese school uniforms, were in an old, derelict building. My friend had her DSLR with her and she insisted on going into a vault to take photos, even though I told her it was haunted and dangerous. So she went in and I stood outside, waiting nervously for her. All of a sudden, something sinister zoomed past me and my friend appeared right beside me, her eyes empty and staring straight ahead (She died.). And she whispered that the password to the vault wasn't 'waibility' but 'liability'.

I got up, made my way to work and nearly nodded off during a talk.

Day 5

View from the train.

One of the rare days when I beat time and reach the station early. The train was pretty empty. YAY ME!

11 stories.

We had a fire drill exercise at around 9am and had to take the stuffy and congested route down 22 flights of steps. I was feeling really claustrophobic but managed to calm myself down.

Assembly area.

Followed the crowd and had to step on yucky grass. SQ and I weren't aware that we had to take our attendance so I think we were reported as student casualties or something like that.

Desk buddies.

My dear friends who accompany me through the drought that the artificial winter has brought upon my skin. I no longer have pillow-soft and kissable lips.

But umm... I never had them in the first place. Haha.

Mini cupcakes.

YW and CK went on an excursion, SQ had an appointment so I was on my own for lunch. I decided to seek refuge from the scorching sun at Gloria Jean' with a al-dente-NOT spaghetti beef bolognese. Lousy, lousy, lousy!!! But I think I will have it again. Until I find another pasta joint. I LOVE PASTA, XOXO!!!

And then, I found a shop that sells mini cupcakes!!! *screams with joy* I shall buy them till I get sick of these bite-sized darlings!

And that was my boring account of the week. I perused home insurance policies, checked wordings, edited the format of a document. And I think my future supervisor hates me.

This weekend made up for the weekdays though. I attended a sweet, princess-y event on Saturday morning. Elfaine is always so awesome with her events! Had a nice time sharing a table with Eliza and Yvette. (:

I met MY after that for an entire day at Orchard! We had dim sum, walked from one end to the other, had western food for dinner... I'll blog about it soon! And ugh! I bought a portable charge and I think it corrupted my phone. And now, I'm afraid both will blow up in my face, thanks to MY. *rolls eyes*

MY doesn't do much at work but still managed to tire himself so much that he was over an hour late. But I love my ah beng anyway. :DDD We will be taking little Nigel out next week to... Orchard. HAHA. Even little Nigel guessed it. Hahaha. But it's just that Orchard has tons of stuff... And umm, well... GSS is happening! Heh.

Oh! I completed a massive post when I got back.

Today, I jogged, baked and ironed. I burnt my first piece of clothing. Oh wells. There's a new launch on Tuesday. Tee hee.

Alrighty. Thanks for reading this grandmama, lengthy essay of nothingness. Gonna take a shower now, edit Vincent's essay and end the night with policies. SIGH.

But anywway, awesome weekend! :DDD

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