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REVIEW: Etude House's May Pink Box

Etude House was one of the first Korean brands I ventured into. I am a huge fan of the Muse and she's a huge fan of Etude House, so that makes me a huge fan of said brand. Haha! Well, actually and certainly, with Etude House's pretty and princess-like packaging in shades of pink and purple... It's one uphill task for a girl to resist!

Before the box is opened, let's begin with some history...

Etude House has a rich history dating back to the December of 1985. She believes that makeup should be playful, instead of a routine to prep our faces for the world. With this belief in mind, Etude House creates her products based on 4 principles; high quality, affordability, lovely design and a diverse range of colours. In other words, Etude House is a playhouse, where fun makeup resides for girls to turn into sweet ladies in a moment!

As part of Etude House's latest campaign, I'll be collaborating with the brand to show you how to have fun with makeup for the next couple of months! Thank you, Julie, for the opportunity! (:

The above hot pink box was what I came home to 2 weeks ago! This came all the way from the land of perfect girls with flawless skin (Korea.). And the best thing of all... Etude House provided us with a full kit for us to get started!

The above products are what I have been playing with! Skincare, makeup... Even my nails are covered!

Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit is a B.B. cream that is mixed with pearl powder so that your skin is kept moist, fair and radiant-looking and wrinkles are kept at bay! Sun protection is also included to protect you against harmful UV rays.

The B.B. cream is available in 4 shades: #1 Light Beige, #2 Natural Beige, #3 Honey Beige and #4 Sand Beige. Mine's in Natural Beige (I think the numbering system differs in Korea.).

Coincidentally, my first Korean B.B. cream is the old Precious Mineral BB Cream and I used it for the longest time! So I am really glad to see the new Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit and was so very eager to try it out. (:

The 60g bottle comes with a pump from which the B.B. cream can be dispensed easily. There is no direct contact with the rest of the product so thumbs up for packaging! One pump is sufficient to cover the entire face. Remember to pat the B.B. cream in, instead of wiping it across your face!

The B.B. cream comes with a light pleasant floral scent that doesn't linger. Natural Beige suits me perfectly and with a few pats here and there, and I am left with a complexion that is dewy and almost flawless! This covers most of my spots so a concealer isn't necessary.

Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam's key secret is of course, baking powder! Haha. The foam gently exfoliates and reaches deep into your pores so that they are all clean and look less obvious.

The 30ml tube means that dispensing the cleanser is easy. The cleanser lathers pretty quickly with water and has a nice, refreshing scent.

Nymph Aura Volumer is a illuminizer that can be mixed with any base, liquid foundation and B.B. cream to give you the much coveted celebrity glow! It is a delicious concoction of Hyaluronic Acid for moisture, Argan Oil for its antioxidant properties and Avocado Oil for elasticity care.

You can choose to mix the illuminizer in a 1:3 ratio with your base, liquid foundation or B.B cream or just apply it directly to your forehead, cheekbones and nose bridge!

The illuminizer is available in 3 shades: #1 Pure, #2 Brilliant and #3 Transparent. Mine's in Transparent (This shade isn't listed on the website so I think it's a new one.).

Dear My Blooming Cheek is a palm-sized blusher and highlighter duo. It comes in 4 different colours to reflect the beautiful bloom of spring! Mine's in PK001.

The larger and lighter shade is the highlighter (A) and the smaller and darker shade is the blusher (B). And you can get 3 different looks with 3 different ways of applications of the duo! Here's how:

The Slimming Effect: Apply B to your cheekbones diagonally up from the centre of your cheeks to your hairline. Apply A on top of B, overlapping B so that the 2 shades blend together.

The Cute Effect: Apply B right on the apples of your cheeks in a circle and then, apply A around it.

The Customized Effect: Call the shots on your look by deciding how much pink you want in your cheeks. Apply A and B separately or swirl your brush round the palette and let chance decide!

The duo makes a fabulous everyday item! The 2 shades of pink can take you through the day and into the night. I like that the highlighter is a little pinkish as this blends into the skin better and looks more natural (As compared with a stark white highlighter.). The brighter blusher breathes life into your cheeks, bringing youth and radiance!

Dear My Blooming Lips-talk is a lipstick that goes on oh-so-smooth and colours your lips in 24 amazing colours! The lipstick also cares for your lips by providing moisture and shine! Mine are in BE101 and PK004.

The lipsticks are housed in 3.4g pink tubes with pink bows! This is the prettiest packaging I have ever seen. Etude House's logo is also etched onto the stalks of the lipsticks. Gosh! They are so very pretty!!!

BE101 is quite possibly THE nude lipstick that I have been searching for since... Forever. Most nude lipsticks seem to rob me of my life visually. But this tells a whole different story and will be the perfect soulmate for smokey eyes!

PK004 is a bright pink that is similar to what is usually seen on Korean girl bands! It goes well with simple eye makeup, giving you a bright pop of colour! The bright pink also means that you look more awake, girly and of course, a fun person to be with!

The lipsticks are indeed moisturizing. Despite suffering from a drought on the left corner of my lips, the lipsticks go on smoothly and do not emphasize dry skin. The shine that accompanies the lipsticks brightens up the face in an instant!

Dear My Blooming Nails dress your nails in 6 fun and girly shades! I received numbers 3 and 6. The brush is neither too wide nor too thin. The nail polish goes on pretty smooth and thick, so you probably need the most 2 coats and you are good to go!

6 is like a Malibu orange, bringing to mind the famous Malibu Barbie. This shade is made for Summer and the shine prevents the shade from being too flat. I used 2 coats in the above photo.

3 is like Dear My Blooming Lips-talk's PK004, except it's for nails! The shade is vibrant, girly and certainly, fun! I used just 1 coat for this.

Last but not least, TADAHHH!!! Here's my look with the aforementioned makeup!!! I'm really loving Dear My Blooming Lips-talk's BE101! This is a more mature look for everyday, especially for work.

But if I'm going to meet up with my girlfriends, then I will opt for Dear My Blooming Lips-talk's PK004 because it's so bright and cheery! The lipstick lifts your spirit the moment you swipe it across your lips!

And here concludes Etude House's May Pink Box! Etude House is currently having 30% discounts in Singapore, so do check out the above products! Her global Facebook page has also just been created. Like the page here and join her giveaways! :DDD

Thanks for reading and comment if you have any queries! Have a fab weekend ladies! (:


  1. lucky you got selected!!
    congrats and the box are so cute and the products are amazing too!

    1. Thanks Mia (: Etude House is one of the more amazing Korean brands out there!


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