Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Whoo boy. Things have been coming up one after another that I haven't had time to collect my thoughts. I have completely given up on my one-photo-an-internship-day project. Well, not entirely. I update once in a long, long, long while on my Instagram.

Today, we met up with C, J and two other fellow interns for lunch-cum-feedback session. For me, I feel that I'm learning quite a bit (Even if it's brainless work.) as compared with my other friends, who are on internship and doing nothing. Doing nothing is the worst. I don't ever want to do nothing and get paid. My brains will go the dumps and I'll degenerate as a human being.

But whatever it is, I feel extremely fortunate to be in this program. Really, truly grateful. Even though I'm doing another semester to make up for it (And will most certainly complain like there's no tomorrow when term starts.). My fellow interns have been nothing but the best! They are all really nice and funny (Especially YW, who makes me laugh till my stomach hurts so bad. I'm convinced that at the end of my internship, my abs will make Victoria Secret's models weep.). The new guy, KM, fits in perfectly!

Ahhh! Can't wait till YW, KM and I get our butts to Down Under! I'm fretting about sleeping alone and winter work clothes but OH. SO. EAGER!!! :DDD

I guess the most exciting thing so far is that I now have my very own DSLR!!! It's a Canon EOS 600D. Very, very cool and I'm so pleased with it. Only that I feel like I'm holding a time bomb. And I handle it only over my bed. Which means that I'm never ever going to bring it out.

This is exactly why I do not bother with branded stuff. I'll just hole everything up in their original packaging and just admire them from time to time. *shrugs*

I'm still trying to figure things out. But I thank God that I found the most amazing boyfriend/ best guy friend (Just because Chua will FOREVER be my best girl friend.). Our personalities are the complete opposite so we fit like a puzzle.

I laid out all my cards one day and he still loves me like before. I can't get any luckier. xoxo

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