Wednesday, July 4, 2012

EVENT: Heroine Make's Princess Ball Event

On the last Saturday of May, I attended Heroine Make's Princess Ball Event at Mandom Corporation's office in Great World City.

I haven't really explored Asian brands where makeup is concerned and I have heard great things about Heroine Make so I was really eager for it! Thank you Sharm for the invitation! (:

We were told to attend the ball without any makeup on and when we got there, measurements of our eyes were taken! We were going to see just how much Heroine Make can do to our eyes.

I love it when there are these little projects organized for us during events! They make things a lot more interesting. (:

We were each given a princess-y bracelet and a lovely heart-shaped box of cakes!

For those who aren't acquainted with the brand, Heroine Make is one of Japan's leading drugstore brands. She is a child of Isehan Group, a cosmetic manufacturer which was founded in 1825! This makes the Isehan Group one of the very first cosmetic brands in Japan!

The Group first started out selling Beni, which is the very first version of lipsticks. Beni takes the form of a small pot and the red stain is applied with a lip brush. It can still be found in Japan today but it retails for a whopping price of 200 bucks! Eeps! :\ I would love to own one though... Because it's like one of the roots of makeup. And you know how I love history (Only where beauty is concerned!).

Anyway, back to Heroine Make. The brand believes that 'every woman is the leading lady in her own life story and should totally look the part'. This simply means that the brand wants to offer flawless eye makeup to the passionate, spontaneous and well-heeled women in us.

Heroine Make made it very quickly to the top of every lady's to-buy list when her mascara, the Long & Curl Mascara was voted the No. 1 Mascara in @cosme's 2009 and 2010 Best Cosme Awards!

And you know you can't go wrong with @cosme. Anything that's on @cosme... Just get it already! Haha.

The Long & Curl Mascara contains a curl-set polymer that is 'light, fine and tight'. The fibres are 1.5 times longer, creating a greater lengthening effect of 120%. It also helps keep the curl of your lashes after using a lash curler.

The mascara also gives you complete control of your look. If you want a natural look, go with one or two coats. For a more dramatic look, be brave and use multiple coats and you will realize that you get 'maximum drama with zero flaking'!

Besides the aforementioned mascara, Heroine Make also has one that creates volume (Of course!), the Volume & Curl Mascara. This offers 130% more volume with its polymer wax formula. It also contains a feather-weight volume fit powder that prevents lashes from clumping together.

And last but not least, the newest addition to the family is the Impact Frame & Curl Mascara! This mascara marries the best of the above 2 mascaras to give you stunning, gorgeous, drool-worthy lashes!

The mascara is a concoction of 3 waxes; the extension wax for more length, the hyper volume wax which volumizes by a 130% and the joint wax which marries the first 2!

Above is a chart that helps you determine which wand you should get! (:

After the presentation, we started dolling up our eyes, making them big, sparkly and Anime-like! I used the Volume & Curl Mascara since my lashes are all Asian and pretty sparse.

And here's my table! The ever-smiling Eliza who just got herself Kate Spade-d and Chanel-ed and dear Yvette!

Last but not least, here's a shot of me posing with Heroine Make's ambassadors!

Heroine Make can be found at major Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Nishino and Meidi-ya outlets. Do like her Facebook page here to get the latest updates! (:

Thank you Sharm, Elfaine and Heroine Make for a wonderful noon spent! I have been trying out the Long & Curl Mascara and will be reviewing it this week. Stay tuned! (:

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