Sunday, July 1, 2012

MAIL: My first nail polish ring!

Nail polish rings have been quite the rage lately and I was spun into the glittery vortex when Melissa, from Posh Polish, sent me my very own! Thank you, Melissa! :D

Nail polish rings are made of glass cabochons or flat glass marbles. When nail polishes are painted on the bottom of them, these seemingly nondescript half marbles magnify the effects of the polishes. It's like having the galaxy and ten additional billion stars thrown into a little gem!

Melissa started Posh Polish in February this year when she spotted these gems online! But as usual, shipping usually kills so she decided to start up her own little shop to provide these nail polish rings (There are others too! Read on! :D) at friendly prices!

For the rings, Melissa has 11 different settings at the moment. You can pick an antique flower setting like mine or have a gumdrop sitting on silver or gold! There are oval cabochons, teardrop cabochons and even heart-shaped ones! You will definitely find one that you like! Though I have to warn you... You are so spoilt for choices that you just want everything! I 'pinged and ponged' several emails to Melissa over the customization of my ring! Heh.

Also, Melissa uses only quality nail polishes. So expect brands like O.P.I, China Glaze, Color Club, Ozotic (SOMEONE HAS TO CHECK THIS BRAND OUT. LIKE SERIOUSLY.), etc. She seals the polish with top coat so it won't fade and settings are fixed on with waterproof, industrial-strength glue. And Melissa is so meticulous that she also seals the cabochons with a non-toxic, water-resistant coating!

I feel really good... Okay, it sounds a little weird. Heartwarming would be a better word, I think... It's really heartwarming to know that I own something which has so much care poured into it. (:

Besides rings, Melissa also has ear studs, necklaces and bobby pins. Collections are launched pretty frequently and in the near future, expect some nail art too! :D You can pick from her collections or you can customize your own like what I did. (:

Each item is lovingly handmade by Melissa, so do be patient and give her a minimum of 3 days. (:

My ring came neatly bubble-wrapped with a personal note from Melissa. It feels sturdy and I like that it's adjustable. Fixed sizes are just so troublesome because I mean, what's a 'M' or 'size 9'?!? This way, you can never order the wrong size! One thing to note though, is that the ends stick out a little but it's nothing too uncomfortable or pokey.

My flower setting is one of the latest designs. There is tiny detailing on the petals and it makes the whole flower look intricate. I had the little bud in the middle painted China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. And I mean, gawd! You know how the polish glitters on your nails. Now, the whole glittery effect is magnified! It makes me feel like I'm in one of those movies that involve magic and my ring is like... The KEY to everything... It unlocks all the magic in the world! Haha! It's really super duper gorgeous!

I'm actually eyeing on Captivating Comet (View it here!) because gawd! Ozotic 502 is JUST. SO. LOST-FOR-WORDS. PRETTY. I couldn't choose between Ruby Pumps or 502. I wanted to have a polish that I didn't own but I thought Ruby Pumps would go so well with the flower setting. And it does! :D

Ahhh... So, so pretty!!! Do head on over Posh Polish and get your one-of-a-kind ring! No two strokes of a polish are the same so your ring is yours and only yours! *winks Thanks again, Melissa, for my flower! :D I love it!

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