Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RAMBLINGS: Sydney love.

12am tonight marks the start of my 6th day in Sydney. I don't really quite know what to make out of it yet. Perhaps when I'm rocking my blue chair in Singapore, I'll come to a definite conclusion. Till then, I'll take everything as they come and swim around incomplete endings that meander up and down the spectrum of emotions.

One thing which annoys me greatly is that I can't quite catch their accent. So I'm always going "Umm, huh?" which elicits a robotic response and I'm like "Christ. I work hard on my English!".

And the other thing which annoys me even more is that I have barely bought any beauty products. It is really unbecoming of a beauty blogger but fact: Australia's makeup is A LOT more expensive than Singapore's. So from now on, I shall stop complaining about how marked up prices are. BUT I'll still stick to my online sprees.

If there's one thing that Sydney taught me, it's how much I love my boyfriend. Every moment, I find myself wishing he was here so that we could share it together.

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