Thursday, July 19, 2012

TRAVEL: Down Under!

Hey guys! Just thought I should throw it out there that I'm currently in winter land because not everyone follows my Twitter (It's good that you don't. I whine way too much.).

Sydney has been nothing but lovely! Christ. You haven't got the foggiest idea about the magnitude of my love for the weather! Even when my teeth are shattering, goosebumps dot my skin and my face is peeling, I. Friggin'. Love. The. Weather.

Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do in the beauty department. Most of the brands are available back on our sunny island. I did find different brands of paw paw ointment (Watsons just brought them in btw!), sea salt spray, Babyliss' Argan Oil... And oh! I saw a NARS counter for the very first time in my life!

I'm gonna hit the sack soon because winter makes me incredibly sleepy. Not sure if it's a universal thing but oh wells! Till the next time. xx

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