Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FOOD: Canton-i

M and I love Chinese cuisine to death. Well, that and Aglio Olio. Anyway, after being away from Singapore for close to a month, I was craving for Chinese food so. Friggin'. Badly. I was telling M that my stomach NEEDS Chinese food. Not want, but NEED. Desperately! So last Saturday, we found ourselves on the 3rd floor of ION Orchard, right in front of Canton-i.

Canton-i seeks to be a gourmet paradise through its meticulous attention towards the flavours, textures and presentations of its dishes. Renowned chefs hailing from Hong Kong and Guangzhou are invited to whip up a variety of authentic Hong Kong dishes so that we get the true taste of Hong Kong in our very own country.

The restaurant was decked out in Chinese decor that could have been rather ostentatious. But the pink and white floral lace made the whole place look tasteful instead and not the least bit gimmicky. (:

Prices for the Dim Sum were normal. Unfortunately, the two of us were pretty jaded from little bites (And still are.) so we ordered dishes instead and prices were on the high side (Higher than that of Asian Kitchen's.).

(Anyway, I thought the plate looked very cute. Hence, the random photo of a plate above.)

The meat dishes comes in various portions; small, half or whole. If you are fickle (Like the 2 of us. Haha.), you can pick combinations of 2 or 3 meat dishes from choices of Honey-glazed BBQ Pork, Roasted Pork Belly, Soya Sauce Chicken or Roasted Chicken.

The small portion was not available when we were there so we ended up picking plate of Honey-glazed BBQ Pork and Soya Sauce Chicken ($22.90). The Honey-glazed BBQ Pork had the delicious burnt smell though, of course, the meat was not charred. The meat, however, was too soft and felt like jelly to me. I prefer harder, lean meat. M, on the other hand, loved how soft it was and couldn't stop going on about how tasty it was. Haha. So there you go... Two conflicting opinions! Haha.

Both of us agreed that the Soya Sauce Chicken tasted too normal and bland for a rather steep price ($14.80 for half a chicken and $26.80 for the whole chicken.).

I love Four Season Beans so this plate ($18.80) was top on our order! We were both a little disappointed when it came without chili, though M commented that Cantonese dishes are usually not spicy (Is this true?!?). The beans had the burnt smell (And yes, they were definitely not charred. Just the yummy smell!) but I felt it lacked the 'kick' that chili would have provided (Spoken like a true Singaporean, no? Haha. I can't really handle spicy stuff actually!). We both really liked the minced meat bits! I believe that I can just have that and rice and be satisfied. *nods*

Last but not least, we had a plate of prawns steeped in salted egg yolk ($28.80). The prawn oozed with the salted egg yolk with each bite and it was pretty delish BUT I still felt that it was lacking the 'kick'. I'm all about 'kicks' in food. Haha! I just thought it would have been a lot better with chili. Haha.

Our bill came up to $85.96 ($42.85 per person. Haha. The receipt actually said 'Sales Per PAX: $42.85' at the bottom. Save all the mental sums!). A bowl of rice is priced at $1.20 and a glass of water is $0.50. It was a rather pricey meal for two (poor) students but it was pretty decent. I'm a little more critical because of my crazy thirst for chili that day. But this would be a good place for those who eschew spicy stuff. (:

Dorcas mentioned that the XO Carrot Cake was to die-for but I only saw her comment after I left the place... Haha. I won't go back there for the dishes but I would probably give their Dim Sum a shot soon. (:

2 Orchard Turn
#03-14 ION Orchard, (S)238801
Tel.: +65 6509 8368

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