Sunday, August 19, 2012

FOOD: Two Chefs Eating Place

Last Tuesday, I met up with my junior college bud, Henry, for dinner. In an attempt to avoid patronizing the usual places, I suggested Two Chefs Eating Place. I visited this zi char store back in late May and I cannot, for the life of me, stop thinking about the Butter Ribs!

But you know... Such places are usually warm and sweaty and I NEED artificial cold air 24/7 so, it has taken me this long to find my way back home there.

Two Chefs Eating Place is a bus stop away from Commonwealth Station (Take buses 93, 105, 123, 153, 186, 855, 961.). Look out for Block 116 after you have alighted! (:

The dishes come in 3 different portions and prices are pretty student-friendly!

Golden Mushroom Tofu is, well, a couple of golden mushrooms and tofu. I didn't enjoy this dish very much as the sauce was a tad too watery and the whole thing was too soggy for me. It was a very 'normal' dish.

The Cereal Prawns were definitely tastier. The cereal was crisp and prawns were big and juicy. But it seems like I'm still on my chili craving. I thought the taste would not be so 1-dimensional if dish had some bits of chili in it. Sure the curry leaves were there and it was like you were on the edge of tasting some spiciness but then, you were not. It was a bit of a 'cheating your feelings' kind of thing, if you get me. :\

Last but not least, the Butter Ribs! THIS was the reason why I would brave the heat, endure beads of perspiration running down my back and tolerate the constant buzzing of this (stupid) housefly at my table. One might be afraid that the dish would be too buttery but fear not! The marinated ribs balanced out the dish out. And can I say that the butter powder was INCREDIBLY yummy! Towards the end of the dinner, I was just attempting to get every single bit of the powder into my mouth while Henry talked about school. Haha. And I like very much that the ribs were boneless! (I'll only be unglam with my food in the comfort of my own home.).

This was my second time at Two Chefs Eating Place. I can't quite remember what I had the other time but I do think that the other dishes are pretty 'normal'. BUT the Butter Ribs are worth the heat, the perspiration, the journey (For the East-siders.) and all the negatives in the world! Haha. But seriously, it is worth making a trip down. (:

Blk 116 Commonwealth Drive
#01-129, (S)140116
Tel.: +65 6472 5361

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