Friday, September 14, 2012

FOOD: 2D1N Soju Bang

Since coming back from Korea, I have been CRAVING for a good Korean BBQ buffet! But I didn't want to go to the very commercialized Soul Garden. Please don't mistake this as 'dislike'. I LOVE Seoul Garden but I just wanted something that was more 'authentic'. So M suggested 2D1N Soju Bang, where he went in June for their à la carte food.

The restaurant is located in Tanjong Pagar, though it is quite a distance away from the train station. It consists of 2 levels of a shophouse; the lower level for their à la carte food and the top level for their BBQ buffet.

We were one of the first few to arrive (A little past 5.30pm.) and so, we got a table immediately. By 6pm, the place was pretty much filled to the brim. The first photo is a shot of the place at around 7.30pm. The BBQ buffet seemed to be a lot more popular than the à la carte food, which hmmm... I couldn't really quite understand. Read on. :\

For the mains, there were probably about 5 different types of beef, 2 variations of pork and 1 tub of chicken. Then, there was the usual Korean side dishes like kimchi, seaweed soup etc. M and I both thought that the food was just alright. Decent but nothing special.

Food was cooked on this portable grill plate, which functioned on cans of gas. A sheet of aluminium foil was placed on top of it and gawd! It was the MOST inconvenient thing because on the second level, there was no air-conditioning. Just massive fans situated non-strategically. One was located right behind M and it just kept blowing at our aluminium foil. Food was a battle.

Breathing was also a battle. Despite the massiveness of the fans, the place was poorly-ventilated and incredibly stuffy. Both of us just wanted to fill our stomachs and leave! It was definitely not a nice place for a lovely dinner with friends (Or soulmates.).

(Was I glad that I wore minimum makeup. But even then, I was so tempted to just clean off all my makeup halfway into the meal. I was feeling THAT uncomfortable.)

Here's a snapshot of the place (And my beloved M. Hehe.).

However, I do need to mention that though the staff didn't smile at all, they were attentive, replacing burnt aluminium foils with new ones without you needing to signal to them. They were on standby.

Our bill amounted to $47.06, which was okay for a buffet but so not okay for such an ambience. Despite the restaurant's popularity, it just isn't for me. I like to sit back and appreciate my food. I may give their à la carte food a shot but for BBQ, I think I will stick to Seoul Garden from now on (I'm sorry I strayed!!! MANY, MANY HUGS TO YOU! Especially to the Downtown East outlet!).

44/46 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel.: +65 6227 6033


  1. Charlene, if that is the case, you have to visit Sikkek BBQ. It is the spin off from the same owner of 2D1N Sojubang, they have a few outlets around Sg, 1 in Tampines 1 itself, same price same food sans the smell and the heat! Thank God for their air conditioned outlets, bbq don't have to prove to be a torture :D

    1. Oh,that's fab! I will check out the outlet in Tampines 1. Yes! BBQ shouldn't be a torture (If that was what I wanted, I would have gone East Coast Park and booked a BBQ pit. -_-|||). Thanks for the heads up, Michelle!


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