Saturday, September 1, 2012

REVIEW: SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence

August 27th marked the start of SK-II's Tried, Tested and Loved Challenge! This challenge is a week of sharing, where SK-II users tell you their stories of the powers of the Facial Treatment Essence . Before I delve into my SK-II story, here's some background information. (:

SK-II's roots lie in the discovery of Pitera and as such, all of her products are chock-full of this miracle ingredient. The Facial Treatment Essence is no exception and contains more than 90% of it. But just what is Pitera?

Pitera is naturally derived from a unique yeast strain and is the key to the gate of crystal clear skin. It transforms your skin by tackling the 5 key dimensions that characterize crystal clear skin; texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, spot control and radiance enhancement. Click here to learn more about SK-II. (:

In addition, the Facial Treatment Essence also helps to maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle and balance the skin's pH levels and sebum secretion, so that both the oily and dry areas are well-hydrated.

And guess what? 'In an Asia-wide survey led by global market research leader Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), the iconic beauty essence received rave reviews by the 250 beauty editors polled, with nearly 8 out of 10 (76%) beauty editors voting their preference for SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.'

I first used SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence when I was 17. Mum got it as a gift for Christmas and before each study session, I would first swipe a cotton pad soaked with the Facial Treatment Essence across my face. My studying sessions were pretty luxurious... Heh heh.

Instead of pouring the Facial Treatment Essence on a cotton pad, I pour a little of this onto my palms and quickly pat the essence into my skin. I need to work quickly as the essence sinks readily into the skin. I use a little more of the essence if my skin is feeling extremely thirsty.

While I didn't get the much-coveted celebrity glow after using the essence, I noticed that my skin is well-hydrated, clearer and smoother. My tinted moisturizer goes on a lot easier too. Mum has been using the Facial Treatment Essence for a long while now and it helps reduce the appearance of her wrinkles. Mum does not splurge on beauty products so when she shells out good money for a particular brand, I take careful note of it.

I got the boyfriend started on the SK-II Men regime and his skin is looking cleaner and starting to clear up. I might get him to write me a review at the end of September. Haha. But anyway, if you have yet to try SK-II, do give the Facial Treatment Essence a shot! For the younger audience whose skin tends to be oilier, once a day should be all you need. The more mature audience gets the chance to pamper their skin twice; once in the day and once in the night. (:

photos by Cheryl Julia.

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