Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SPOTTED: Bands and eyelashes.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here are some new offerings that I spotted at Watsons during the past 2 days!

Twistband is now available at Watsons! I think the prices are the same as Bellabox's. The only difference is that they come in this cute Tiffany blue pouch!

Twistbands are really fun accessories because they are so bright and colourful! I love them wrapping around my hair AND arm. Haha. Yes, I do just wear them on my arm sometimes. BUT the ends of the bands fray really easily and they become really untidy looking. ): I wish Twistbands would so something about it!

D.U.P's Eyelashes Fixer EX is also here in Singapore, along with the falsies! These tubes are going at $19.90 each. Michelle used this on Kim for our XOXO, Esmée photo shoot and the falsies stuck on like they belonged to Kim! Really, really sturdy!

YAY for Watsons for being awesome! :DDD



  1. Hi, may i know which outlets of watsons are they avail? Thanks (:

    1. Hi Fang En(: Sorry for my late reply! I spotted these at the Jurong Point outlet. I have seen the Twistbands in other outlets, but not the D.U.P's Eyelashes Fixer EX. I hope this helps!


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