Friday, September 28, 2012

TELLY: Poetic Justice《微笑正义》

It isn't everyday that I rush to complete my tasks of the day JUST so that I can plop myself in front of the telly at 9pm and watch my drama in peace. And it isn't everyday that I catch a Mediacorp production. Too often, the dramas involve a lot of screaming and shouting, unnecessary bitch slapping and way too many in-your-face moral lessons. And a lot of screaming and shouting. Which I really, really hate. It's like it has been a long day and all you want to do is to go home and watch a nice drama but nope! You just hear lots of mangled, shrieking noises and I just want to throw things at the telly.

BUT anyway, Mediacorp seems to be taking a different direction with Poetic Justice《微笑正义》 and I love it to bits! This drama is about a group of people involved in investigative journalism. Each episode deals with a different case and I like that the cases deal with not very common but probable issues and they vary quite a bit. AND well, (This is because I'm a very girly girl.) the best thing of all is that a love triangle is interwoven in the story line!

(Though I'm a little upset with last night's episode because now, it's like the 2 girls have to wait for the guy to make a decision and I'm just like "GIRLS! BACKBONE PLEASE!!!".)

Rui En portrays Liu Yan Zhi(刘言之), a television journalist and news anchor of fictional media company, Real TV. She started out as a nondescript character and as a result of certain circumstances, became one of Real TV's news anchor.

I felt that Rui En was always acting way too cool and she was really unnatural as Zhang Ya Le 章雅乐 in A Tale of 2 Cities《樂在雙城》, but I really like her in this show. AND I like that Mediacorp is finally doing something MORE with artists' looks (Read Xiaxue's entry here.). Rui En looks fabulous with this copper red shade!

Rebecca Lim is Feng Luo Ling(冯若凌), the anchorwoman of 'Real TV'. I don't really like the fact that she started out as a really ambitious woman, only to mellow down because of *drum rolls* love. MEHHH! But oh wells. There needs to be a story.

This is the first time I'm seeing her acting chops (Nope, I didn't watch 'Fighting Spiders'.). She wasn't very impressive in No Limits《泳闯琴关》 but this! She acted really well and I've become quite a fan. And seriously, she looks like Vintage Barbie!

The two leads of the show... Yada yada yada.

And quite surprisingly, I really like Sora Ma as Zhong Rui Yao(钟芮瑶)! She's incredibly cute and her funny banters with Guo Liang's Ouyang Qiu(欧阳丘) created a nice contrast to some of the serious tones of the drama.

The drama is punctuated with songs by Ding Dang and it really set the right moods for most scenes. The above insert song is my favourite. (: I have some issues with the filming (Like some scenes were dramatically edited; Movements that were made to go slow turned out corny instead of climatic.) but umm... Heh heh. I'm just a girl who has only attended ONE film module and well, watched like a gazillion idol dramas.

Anyway, I really LOVE this drama and have been tweeting and forcing getting people to watch it (As usual.). I hope Mediacorp produce more of such shows because then, it will stop floundering. Or drowning.

And because XinMSN's Catch-up TV sucks, you can watch the episodes here.

Photos from Channel 8's Facebook Page.

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