Wednesday, October 31, 2012

EVENT: The Party Perfect Skincare Workshop by Porcelain, the Face Spa‏

Sometime during the first week of October, I attended Porcelain, the Face Spa's The Party Perfect Skincare Workshop. Thank you, Kelvin, for the invitation (It was nice to see you again! :D)!

Before I touch on the workshop, here's the story behind Porcelain, the Face Spa. (:

Porcelain, the Face Spa was founded by mother-daughter duo, Jenny (Affectionately known as Auntie Jenny to her clients.) and Pauline Ng (The pretty lady in peach!). Before the birth of the salon, Jenny already had 20 years of experience in face treatments under her belt. Pauline, on the other hand, knew zilch about the beauty world and neither did she want to be part of it. But entrepreneurship was in her blood and it was only a matter of time before she took on the reins of Auntie Jenny's business. And so, Porcelain, the Face Spa was born.

Porcelain, the Face Spa's philosophy is made up of 3 branches:
1. No two skins are alike (and that's why the therapists are trained to fully customize each treatment).
2. Skin care is an ongoing process; it is a long-term commitment between you and your selected provider.
3. Good skin is clear and radiant from within.

And right from the beginning, Auntie Jenny and Pauline insist on a 'foundation-free' skin. At the workshop, Pauline and the therapists were wearing not a stitch of foundation. You could see their complexions as they were! You know... For those people who wear foundation frequently, their faces kind of have this pale, dull cast. Well, Pauline and the therapists sure didn't have that! Their skins, though there was a spot here and there (Some more than the rest.), were healthy-looking!

There were one or two therapist who had redness and bumps on their faces and of course, are currently undergoing treatments at Porcelain, the Face Spa. But I thought it was a really brave move for them to go barefaced because well, outsiders would be scrutinizing their faces. But fact is that Porcelain, the Face Spa wanted us to see the real deal. This is one of the reasons why I decided to go for the Quintessential Facial a couple of weeks later (More on this below!).

The Party Perfect Skincare Workshop was a feature on the recently launched Porcelain, the Face Spa's The Perfect Party DIY Facial Kit. This kit is a limited edition collection, specially designed for Christmas! Made up of just 5 simple steps, this little kit will set you on a journey of healthy skin from within!

The Perfect Party DIY Facial Kit, $99 consists of:

Soothe Hydro Cleanser, 15ml for $25
This parabens-and-sulfates-free cleanser contains 82% Aloe Vera Gel and hence, is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. It cleanses, hydrates and nourishes your skin with its 6 natural ingredients and infusion of powerful antioxidants and skin-conditioning agents.

Revive Skin Refiner, 15ml for $48
This skin refiner uses an advanced formula of enzymes, instead of micro beads, to eradicate dead skin cells by dissolving them. As you massage the product into your skin, it stimulates microcirculation and simultaneously, pumps nutrients deep into your skin.

Hydrocare BioCellulose Mask, $38 per piece
This mask is a rich blend of Ceramid 3, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butylene Lycol, Litchi Seed, Fig Fruit and Cactus Extract. It helps to hydrate your skin and restore its natural resilience.

RevitalEyes Multi-Peptide Silk Mask, $8 per piece
This mask helps to strengthen and repair the skin around the eyes with its blend of 4 types of peptides. Algae Extracts, Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide have also been added to help hydrate, alleviate puffiness and smooth wrinkles.

Soothe Aloe Vera Recovery Gel, 10ml for $38
This gel soothes and protects your skin from environmental stresses with its pure Aloe Vera Extracts formula. Improving your skin's overall moisture balance, this also helps repair wounds and increase its natural resilience.

During the workshop, Pauline took us through the steps of the Party Perfect regimen. Nicole, who was my facial therapist, was the model of the day! Her skin is flawless! She told me her forehead had bumps but seriously, the naked eye can spot none!

And here's me, bubbling up with the Revive Oxygen Mask, and Fel! Upon application, this mask bubbles up with a slight tingly feel. After a while, the bubbles disappear to reveal a radiant complexion!

If you have read my other entries, I always make it a point to talk about brands' philosophies. I think it's important to know the roots of the brands so you get an idea of how their products are developed and also, see if you are comfortable with the brands on an 'emotional level'. For me, I don't just look for brands that are effective. I also want brands that 'speak' to me. And in this case, Porcelain, the Face Spa did and that's why I booked a facial with them within a month of the workshop. Just a note, the facial wasn't sponsored (I paid $60 for it, with Jones's coupon.) and neither was I asked to write about it. But here is my two cents' worth.

I requested for Nicole to work on my face because I spoke with her the most during the workshop and also, I preferred a familiar face. Upon arrival at Porcelain, the Face Spa, Nicole brought me to a small, clean rectangular room with dim lights. After cleansing my face, she applied a blackhead removal gel all over my face and stuck strips of paper. These strips are perhaps the most effective answer to blackhead remover! So many tiny yucky stuff were removed and Nicole explained that this gel clings onto anything like a bear clings onto its honey. So, when you peel off the paper strips, the gel removes dirt from the roots. This is very much unlike the commercial strips, where sometimes, the dirt just breaks off midway during removal.

After that was an hour or so of extractions. Nicole was really meticulous and I am happy to announce that the very obvious clogged pores on the right side of my nose are now a thing of the past! :DDD Thank you, Nicole! A high frequency treatment and LED light therapy followed. The former helps to improve circulation and the latter helps to kill bacteria deep within and repair the skin. A customized mask and eye mask were applied after that, during which Nicole also sprayed some mist. The facial ended with a serum and a tinted moisturizer. (I'm pretty sure I missed out some steps because I was halfway to lala land. It was incredibly relaxing!)

I left Porcelain, the Face Spa‏ with some wounds and minimal redness. Nicole told me to apply Aloe Vera on them, which I did, and they were gone within 4 days, save for a little spot on my right cheek. My milia seeds were not touched as I think only Auntie Jenny is able and allowed to trim them. Since the facial, I have not applied any foundation but have been using La Roche Posay's Uvidea XL BB Cream. My skin has remained smooth (The blackheads on my nose have returned, though they are fewer. Do note that blackheads cannot be eradicated permanently. They will come back.) and I have not broken out. (:

I was actually quite worried the night before the facial (Have you read the horror stories on forums!) and tweeted about it (Thank you Joey, Verlyn, Juliet and Yvette for calming my nerves!!! Really appreciated it!). But really, there was nothing to be worried about it! I was in safe hands! Thank you so much, Nicole! :DDD

I do think that Porcelain, the Face Spa‏'s facials are pretty expensive to maintain but at the same time, I kind of feel safer because I know I'm in good hands. Do check out the salon's promotions on the website here and Facebook page here as they are really worth it. (:

Oopsie! I didn't realize how wordy the entry was getting! :\ I do hope that it was informative and helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, tweet or email me! (:


EVENT: The Introduction of Gamila Secret

On Monday, I had a meeting with the lovely ladies from Abelha Pte Ltd, who is the main distributor for Gamila Secret. Given my recent obsession with ingredients and venture into cleansing bars (I bought a few last month. 6, in fact. Haha. I tweeted photos of them but haven't had the time to do haul posts. :\), I was really looking forward to learning more about the brand from Zann and Pamela. Thank you so much for meeting up with me, Zann and Pamela! (:

Gamila Secret is the child of Gamila. Born and raised in a small village called Peki'in in Galilee, Northern Israel. Her father learned the power of nature from his mother and passed the knowledge on to Gamila. Her father had lost most of his sight and so, taught her how to 'read' nature based on her other senses. Gamila then started crafting soaps from Olive Oil, vegetable oils and wild herbs.

Gamila Secret's products are all 100% natural (Herbs are handpicked by Gamila herself!) and lovingly handmade by Gamila and her team. There are no traces of preservatives, fragrances and parabens... Everything comes from Mother Nature!

The same basic ingredients are used in the production of most Gamila Secret's products; pure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and a cocktail of no less than 15 fully active wild herbs, steeped in minerals and vitamins, that will do nothing but nourish, clean and nurture the skin. Other commonly used oils in the products are Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Lavender Oil and of course, Gamila's secret herbal mix of a cocktail.

Gamila Secret's collection consists of just 4 items; Cleansing Bar, Face Oil, Hand Cream and Foot Balm.

Gamila Secret's Cleansing Bars
Each of these handmade bars is a formula of a blend of 6 pure vegetable oils and Gamila's secret herbal formula. It heals, softens and nourishes the skin and at the same time, it refines the skin's structure and pores. It also regulates the skin's hydration balance.

The bars comes in 10 different flavours, catering to various skin types; Original Cleansing Bar (The only one without essential oils.), Lavender Heaven, Jasmine Comfort, Miracle Mentha, Reviving Rosemary, Soothing Geranium , Spearmint Sparkle, Lively Lemongrass, Creamy Vanilla and Wild Rose.

Gamila Secret's Face Oil in Original
This day and night care treatment seeks to replace all your other regular skin care products! It contains 8 pure vegetable oils and Gamila's secret herbal formula. It absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply to provide hydration and regeneration. Wrinkles and lines are kept at bay and your skin is well-protected from unnecessary stresses.

Your leading men (Dad, brother and soulmate.) can also use this after shaving to soothe irritated skin and babies can seek relief in this oil too.

Gamila Secret's Hand Cream
This hand cream is a mixture of the finest possible first-pressed vegetable oils with Gamila's secret herbal formula. It provides a citrusy delight to hands as it penetrates immediately and deeply into the skin, repairing and protecting it.

Gamila Secret's Foot Balm
This minty treat is a combination of the purest first-pressed vegetable oils with Gamila's secret herbal formula. It hydrates, soothe, soften and revitalize dry feet. Hardened and irritated skin will find relief in this magic balm.

I am rushing to get this entry published because right now, there's a Gamila Secret beauty bar sitting in Metro, Paragon and it ends tomorrow! So do drop by if you are in the area and one of the ladies there will be glad to demonstrate the efficacy of the cleansing bars on your hands. (:

(The fifth photo is a shot of the emulsion that you should get before using it to cleanse your skin! It's a little creamy and sticky-like.)

I will be trying out my Gamila Secret products soon. (: Pretty excited about it actually because the cleansing bar did not make my hand feel dry after washing it off!

Meanwhile, you can check out Gamila Secret's official website here or the Singapore website here for more information. The products are available at selected Metro and Robinsons outlets (Check the list of outlets here! :D). Alternatively, you can also purchase them from the Singapore website, with complimentary delivery. For the latest updates and promotions, do connect with them on Facebook here. (:


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GIVEAWAY: LEADERS' InSolution's Parcels (Results)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! (: Big thanks to all who joined my giveaway for the LEADERS' InSolution's Parcels! Took entries from both Sunbathing Muffins and Love, Charlene Judith and here are the results!

Congrats Jas and Wena! Have dropped you ladies emails. (:

P.S.: Just a heads up... There is going to be a Watsons Member Preview Sale tomorrow and Leaders InSolution is having a 20%+5% off promotion! So it will be a great time to stock up! :D


Monday, October 29, 2012

EVENT: L'egere's Get Flawless with Kevin老师 Media Event

September 26th was the day when I first set foot on a cruise, the Star Cruise to be exact. And I was really excited! Not just because I was on such a huge ship (It was gorgeous!) for the first time in my life, but also because I was going to meet Kevin 老师! Thanks Jemay from M.O.S.S for this opportunity! :D

For the uninitiated, Kevin老师 is one of the makeup gurus on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大), an extremely popular Taiwanese show on beauty. One of his favourite brands is L'egere and he was here in Singapore to share with us his favourite products from said brand, as well as to conduct live makeup demonstrations. It was a pity that I could only attend the media event. ): Nevertheless, I picked up several tips! Read on to find what they are! ;)

L'gere is a Korean brand with a commitment to bring effective skincare and makeup solutions, that are rooted in the latest medical science and innovations at affordable prices, to all women around the world.

L'egere's scientists conduct thorough research on the Asian skin and regular interviews with women. Hence, they have a comprehensive understanding on the needs and wants of women where skincare is concerned. With this understanding, coupled with their commitment to use the most advanced technology, L'egere develops multi-tasking products that will cater to the busy lives of modern women.

For the Singapore women, L'egere has specially selected the following products for us. (:

L'egere B.B. Cream: Evens out skin texture and conceals pores for a flawless look.
L'egere Waterdrop Aqua Shiny Pearl B.B. Cream: An oil-free B.B. cream that provides hydration and rejuvenation for a radiant complexion.
L'egere Double White O2 B.B.Cream (SPF30 PA++): Whitens, lightens spots and reduces the production of melanin that causes pigmentation.
L'egere Double White O2 Water Gel Cream: A water gel-based cream that hydrates dull and dehydrated skin.
L'egere Ice Toner: A cosmetic water that turns into frost. Controls oil and tightens pores, leaving the skin refreshed, cool and revitalized.

TADAHHH!!! Here's Kevin老师! :DDD

Kevin老师 first came across L'egere in Taiwan and since then, he has been a huge supporter of the brand. There were many times when he brought L'egere products onto Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大), demonstrating just how effective they are. Before I go into Kevin老师's favourite L'egere products, here's his take on beauty. (:

Kevin老师 advocates the 'less is more' concept when it comes to beauty. This concept places strong emphasis on creating perfection through simplicity and using only necessary and appropriate products. With a thriving beauty market and an influx of products, all hailing from the latest technology, women may think that they need everything. But that isn't true. Use only the products that you need and which are appropriate for your skin to bring out your natural beauty. (:

To make this concept work for you, take a look at yourself in the mirror and note the areas you want to tackle and look for the products that will help eradicate these woes (You have no idea how many times I walk out of Watsons with things I didn't even think of getting in the first place! Things I didn't even know existed!).

Only with a good skincare regimen are you able to create a flawless finish with your makeup. Do remember to use your toner and moisturizer as these 2 help to prep and hydrate your skin all day long!

Here's Kevin老师 with his favourite-st L'egere product, the 3°C Pure Aqua Ice Toner!

This toner is a trio of Alaska Glacier Water, Salicylic Acid and Multi-plant Extraction Essence. Alaska Glacier Water is a rich source of minerals that helps skin to achieve a healthy oil-water equilibrium, thereby reducing oil secretion. Salicylic Acid controls oil and clears pores. Multi-plant Extraction Essence is saturated with Vitamins A, B6, C and E to brighten and hydrate the skin.

Kevin老师 was really excited about this product! He was happily spraying this and showing us how it turned to frost on a piece of tissue paper. :D And guess what? I bought this right after the event. :D

Other nuggets of beauty information that Kevin老师 dished were:

1. Dark and dull complexions can be the result of sun exposure, ageing or dryness. Do make sure you are using the right problems if you want to tackle this problem.
2. For a clean and natural look, sweep an eyeshadow that is the colour of milk tea across your eye lids. Then, apply mascara.
3. A little red wine a day keeps the skin woes at bay!
4. Celebrities mask A LOT.
5. Exercising helps to increase your skin renewal.

Kevin老师, my just-permed hair (The curls have loosened a lot! Phew!) and me!

Lastly, a group shot of Kevin老师 with the other bloggers and media by the Star Cruise photographer! (:

It was a really lovely afternoon spent. When Kevin老师 spoke, you could totally see his passion for beauty! He was literally jumping in his seat when he talked about the 3°C Pure Aqua Ice Toner. It was really cute! :D And his enthusiasm was certainly infectious! Kevin老师 is indeed an authority when it comes to beauty and I'm really thankful that I got to attend this media event. Thanks again, Jemay! (:


Saturday, October 27, 2012

RAMBLINGS: Chickenpox Lucas

This little boy's name is Lucas and he is M's little nephew. He has the prettiest and blackest eyes and likes to mock cry. On the day I took these photos of him, the poor darling was having a chickenpox, albeit a really mild case. He had a few spots on his face and legs. And that's all! What a lucky boy. (:

I couldn't really get nice shots of him though, because he kept moving! So most of the photos I got were blurred and captured his bottom (He kept crawling away.).


REVIEW: Hada Labo's Arbutin Whitening Lotion

Two weeks back, I received Hada Labo's Arbutin Whitening Lotion (Thanks Elfaine!). This bottle features the new Nano Hyaluronic Acid formula, which I absolutely love (Read my review on the Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion with this new formula here.)! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start with an introduction on this range first. (:

The Arbutin Whitening Lotion falls under Whitening Care, one of the 3 ranges that Hada Labo currently has. This particular range 'allows users to gain fairer, moist and bright skin' with its concoction of Arbutin, Vitamin C and Hada Labo's signature Hyaluronic Acid.

Arbutin is an extract derived from the natural bearberry plant. It helps to enhance skin fairness and fight dark spots. At the same time, it brightens dull skin so that a clear complexion is achieved.

Vitamin C, as we all know, is used to brighten skin tone. It also helps to repair skin that has been exposed to UV rays.

The Arbutin Whitening Lotion comes in a 170ml bottle. The lid lifts to reveal an aperture from which the lotion can be poured out from. For me, I apply the lotion in layers; 2-3 drops on my palms first, pat them into my skin and repeat. The new formula does mean faster absorption but I find that applying the lotion in layers helps it sink into the skin even faster. (:

Since getting the lotion on board my skincare regime, my skin is looking a lot clearer. Hada Labo's lotions have always worked wonders on my skin and I am going to use them for the rest of my life (I have backups of them in my drawer. Am definitely getting a bottle for M soon. :D).

However, the whitening effect is rather minimal for me. Then again, I'm already quite fair so I'm not really sure how much fairer I can get. The effect would probably be more obvious if I were to use the entire range (Besides the lotion, there are also the Arbutin Whitening Essence, Arbutin Whitening Milk and Arbutin Whitening Mask.).

You can redeem a 20ml travel-sized bottle of Arbutin Whitening Lotion on Hada Labo's Facebook page here first before getting the full-sized one at Watsons. (:


SPOTTED: Decléor's Multi-Sensory Beauty Event

On November 17th, Vanity Trove is collaborating with Decléor to bring you the Multi-Sensory Beauty Event! The brand started out in 1974 with the philosophy 'Be more than skin-deep'. It focuses on not just the skin, but the entire being of a person; the well-being of the body and the spirit (Aromatherapy is involved! Yay! I do believe that state of the mind is linked very closely to your skin's condition!). Decléor's products are 100% pure, 100% natural, and without colorants or preservatives. (:

If you are interested in attending the event, do drop Camy a mail at! (:


Thursday, October 25, 2012

REVIEW: Fancl's Basic Skincare

At the end of August, I attended Fancl's Ballet of Beauty (Click here to read.) soirée and I had the loveliest time there. Big thank you's to Fancl and BrandStory for the event again! (:

The event was the debut of Fancl's Basic Skincare range to the bloggers. I did a short introduction on each product that made up the range here. About a week after the event, I embarked on my month-long Fancl journey. Other than the makeup remover (Just because I have tons of half-used makeup removers in my loo. I'll do the review another time.), I did not use another other skincare products during this period.

(I will also be covering Fancl's Limited Edition Overnight Hydrating Pack another time. Just want to concentrate on the core products in this entry.)

Fancl's Washing Powder provides a superior yet gentle cleansing effect with foam that is dense, creamy, firm and elastic. This foam acts as a cushion and so, reduces the friction generated when you wash your face. With its Amino Hybrid Technology, it lifts excess sebum and impurities from your skin, while retaining its moisture. It leaves skin soft and smooth.

To use it, create dense and creamy foam out of the powder with a wet Washing Puff. Thereafter, smooth the foam over your face and massage with a gentle upward movement. Rinse with water.

The Washing Powder comes in a white opaque 50g bottle. On the right side of the bottle, there is a transparent strip where you can see how much powder you are left with. The powder comes out fine and white, and smells a little like baby milk powder to me.

As I didn't have the Washing Puff, I created the foam with my hands. Initially, it was rather difficult but just like what Jane, Fancl's Training Manager, it really got easier with practice. Okay, I'm not exactly sure if I did it the right way (Well, foam was created so I'm guessing I did it right? Haha.) but what I did was to pour out an amount of powder that was the size of a 50-cent coin onto my left palm and load up enough water to cover all the powder. Using my right hand, I mixed the powder and water in circular motions and basically lathered it up. My foam wasn't as dense as what was shown at the soirée, but it was enough for me to ensure that the skin on my palm did not come into contact with the skin on my face at any point of time when I was washing my face.

After rinsing the foam off my face, my skin was left feeling clean and smooth. It had a very light feeling. My skin didn't feel tight after the wash but it didn't feel very moisturized as well. This is just a basic cleanser that does a fine job of what it is meant to do, cleanse. I read a review on Fancl's website that a reviewer saw a reduction in the number of blackheads she had. Perhaps I had't used it long enough (She had been using the powder for 2 years.), but I didn't see any reduction in mine.

Fancl's Washing Powder is a basic cleanser that is perfect for those with the occasional skin troubles. I like that it makes my skin feel incredibly light and clean but I would have preferred it to be slightly more moisturizing.

For those with very oily skin, Fancl has the Washing Powder Light for you. For those with very dry skin, I think you may want to look for something a little more moisturizing than this. One tip to know if a cleanser is suitable for you is to wait ten seconds after cleansing. During this period, if your skin feels tight, it's time for you to venture somewhere else. If your skin feels completely fine, no tightness whatsoever, well, good news! Your cleanser is your soulmate!

Fancl's Lotion contains Anthocyanin from the Beauty Sweet Pea Flower. It controls and helps to curb damage caused by environmental stress, dust and pollen. It also has Moisturizing Agents that enhances the penetration and delays their release so that you get a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

To use it, pour a 20-cent coin size amount of lotion onto clean palm. Apply gently and evenly over your face.

The Lotion comes in a transparent azure blue 30ml bottle. The lid lifts up to reveal a small aperture, from which you can dispense the lotion from. You do need to give the bottle a little shake though as the lotion comes out in droplets (Which is good because you can control the amount you want to dispense.). It has a light clean scent and is a tad viscous.

I applied the lotion right after cleansing. I dispensed about 4-5 droplets of the lotion and then, gently patted the lotion into my skin. The lotion sank into my skin quickly and quite immediately, felt hydrated. The lotion didn't irritate my skin throughout the month. It left my skin feeling refreshed, moisturized and with no redness at all.

This is perhaps my favourite product, out of the lot. I like the way it made my skin feel and look. Before I applied my makeup, I would rinse my face with water and just pat this lotion on. As it is so gentle, I think all skin types should indeed love this little darling. (:

Fancl's Milky Lotion too contains Anthocyanin from the Beauty Sweet Pea Flower, for protection against environmental stresses. Veiling Agents, coated in Lecithin, help to seal in the moisture from the lotion and prolong its retention in your skin.

To use it, pour a 10-cent coin size amount onto clean palm. Apply gently and evenly over your face.

The Milky Lotion comes in a milky Alice blue 30ml bottle. Just like the Lotion's bottle, the lid lifts to reveal an aperture. You need to shake it a tad harder in order to get it out as it is more viscous than the Lotion. Do be careful that you don't shake it too hard because many a times, the droplets ended up everywhere but on my palm. It also has the same light clean scent, though a little stronger.

For the Milky Lotion, I dispensed about 2-3 droplets and then, gently patted it into my skin. As the Milky Lotion is thicker than the Lotion, it took longer for it to sink into my skin. It left my skin feeling moisturized but sticky. Under Singapore's unforgiving weather, a sticky complexion is pretty uncomfortable so I didn't use this during the day or under makeup. This was less uncomfortable at night because usually, I have my air-con switched on or I sleep directly under my ceiling fan (And pray that the fan won't drop on me. Not a fan of ceiling fans. Haha. Okay, sorry. Bad pun.).

I woke up to really soft and well-moisturized skin with the Milky Lotion but I do wish that it was less sticky so that I could use it in the day as well. Dry skin will certainly seek relief in this but I would advise oily skin to eschew this and perhaps seek hydration in Milky Lotion Light.

All in all, I really enjoyed my Fancl skincare regime. These products really embody the philosophy of Muteneka (無添加), which is a 'holistic approach to beauty' that 'advocates a lifestyle that is fresh, pure and safe – one that is pared down to essentials, free of additives and stressful elements.'. My skin felt really light and looked really clear. Each day, I looked forward to my skincare routine because I was enjoying it so much. Knowing that these products were preservatives-free, contained only the necessary ingredients and were healthy for my skin helped make the experience an enjoyable one too.

I would recommend this range to those who are looking for a very basic skincare regimen, one with no frills. For those who are looking for a little more, Fancl has ranges like the Special Care, the Acne Care, the Whitening Care and the UV Care which you can add or replace with the Basic Skincare.

I hope this entry has been helpful. If you have any questions, do leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer them. (: Alternatively, you can also leave questions on Fancl's Facebook page here and one of the moderators will get back to you ASAP! :D


Monday, October 22, 2012

EVENT: Grand Opening of World's First Lab Series Flagship Store‏

September 27th, 2012 is a day that all men on our little sunny island will remember because *pauses for effect* it marked the grand opening of Lab Series's first ever flagship store! Okay, maybe not so dramatic. But it is certainly something that the the men can cheer about (They probably did so in their heads. You know, to keep up with their macho image. Heh.)!

Lab Series, THE authority in men's skincare, announced the opening of the flagship store at ION Orchard, Singapore. Lab Series isn't just another skincare brand, nuh uh. It represents what every modern man seeks for; technology, innovation and high performance in every facet of his life.

This new men-only store offers our men 'offers the expert formulas and proven results to address all men's skincare needs, with the added convenience and comfort of customized services and clear navigation for self-service shopping'.

Men can get to enjoy complimentary Lab Series's Instant Skin Refresh Services, where they will get acquainted with the products that will address their skin concerns. Here's the menu:

Skincare Simplified: A simple, easy-to-use skincare system that delivers amazing results as quickly as 1, 2, 3.
The Shine Eraser: Experience brighter, clearer skin with less shine.
The Ultimate Hydration: Achieve healthy and hydrated skin with 3 products.
The Spot Eraser: See brighter, smoother, more even-toned skin in 3 simple steps.
The Age-Aging Solution: Defy the aging process with a 3-step system for younger-looking ski.
The Premium Anti-Aging Solution: An anti-aging system that prevents and repairs the visible signs of aging. Look younger-longer.
The Quick Fix: Learn how to look your best in-an-instant.
The Energizer: A wake-up call for your skin.
The Daily Protection: Daily skincare to keep your skin looking great.

The store also comes equipped with iPads that have Lab Series's Express Skincare Navigation app installed. Men can use them to 'find the right Lab Series products to fit seamlessly into their active lifestyle'.

Here's my date for the night (And for the rest of my life too. :D), M!

There were gorgeous Lab Series models going around with trays of Lab Series goodies which I eagerly swatched. And made M swatch too! It's a training that all beauty bloggers' boyfriends have to go through. Heh.

One of the goodies which I (Yes, me!) was extremely interested in was the BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++! Yes, siree! A B.B cream for men! Here, in Singapore! The first, ever!

And gawd. Lightweight, dewy (Think: Korean ladies' glow.) and with promises of pore reduction, anti-wrinkle, shine control, firming/ toning, redness reduction, barrier repair... Ladies, you need to try this!!! It feels really good on the skin (Coverage is pretty light though...)!

And oh yes! The Lab Series store is made up of 4 colour-coded categories; Clean, Shave, Treat and Body. This way, men can just go into the store, get what they need quickly and be out, pronto (Guys, shopping's really fun!!! Really!)!

Here's M trying out The Shine Eraser, one of the aforementioned Lab Series Instant Skin Refresh Series. M's skin is of the combination-dry type. His T-zone is really oily but the skin around his mouth is dry like the Sahara desert (He sleeps at like... 3am in the morning. And wakes up at 2pm in the afternoon. I do nag at him about it but nope, he won't change his bad habit. Even in the name of love. Sighhh.).

After the session, he turned to me with sparkling eyes and told me it was really refreshing (He was like literally "WOW!!!)! And hinted very obviously that life would be perfect if someone could help him apply his skincare products every night. And I was like "Yeah... That would be really great. I'd like that. THANKS!". Haha.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, we attended the after party where we met up with dear Juliet and her beau, Keith! Had a really nice and sweet double-date. :D And it is always a delight to see Juliet! (:

It is really... Hmmm, heart-warming? Haha. I don't know but I always get a nice fuzzy feeling when a new brand lands in Singapore. Like yay! New additions to the family! Haha. Yes, I know. True blue beauty junkie. Anyway, it is really heart-warming that Lab Series arrived on our shore and set home, especially when it is a skincare brand meant exclusively for the men.

And I don't think it's girly at all that men are into skincare products. The face is just like the body. You need to wash it daily and make sure that you are using the right products. Really, it's all just about keeping clean (Okay, go ladies! Go tell your leading men this. They will subscribe to such a concept!). :D

So dear men, head on down to ION Orchard and see what Lab Series can do for you! (:

P.S.: Thank you BrandStory Babes for the invite! :DDD

some photos from Lab Series Facebook page here.
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