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EVENT: L'egere's Get Flawless with Kevin老师 Media Event

September 26th was the day when I first set foot on a cruise, the Star Cruise to be exact. And I was really excited! Not just because I was on such a huge ship (It was gorgeous!) for the first time in my life, but also because I was going to meet Kevin 老师! Thanks Jemay from M.O.S.S for this opportunity! :D

For the uninitiated, Kevin老师 is one of the makeup gurus on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大), an extremely popular Taiwanese show on beauty. One of his favourite brands is L'egere and he was here in Singapore to share with us his favourite products from said brand, as well as to conduct live makeup demonstrations. It was a pity that I could only attend the media event. ): Nevertheless, I picked up several tips! Read on to find what they are! ;)

L'gere is a Korean brand with a commitment to bring effective skincare and makeup solutions, that are rooted in the latest medical science and innovations at affordable prices, to all women around the world.

L'egere's scientists conduct thorough research on the Asian skin and regular interviews with women. Hence, they have a comprehensive understanding on the needs and wants of women where skincare is concerned. With this understanding, coupled with their commitment to use the most advanced technology, L'egere develops multi-tasking products that will cater to the busy lives of modern women.

For the Singapore women, L'egere has specially selected the following products for us. (:

L'egere B.B. Cream: Evens out skin texture and conceals pores for a flawless look.
L'egere Waterdrop Aqua Shiny Pearl B.B. Cream: An oil-free B.B. cream that provides hydration and rejuvenation for a radiant complexion.
L'egere Double White O2 B.B.Cream (SPF30 PA++): Whitens, lightens spots and reduces the production of melanin that causes pigmentation.
L'egere Double White O2 Water Gel Cream: A water gel-based cream that hydrates dull and dehydrated skin.
L'egere Ice Toner: A cosmetic water that turns into frost. Controls oil and tightens pores, leaving the skin refreshed, cool and revitalized.

TADAHHH!!! Here's Kevin老师! :DDD

Kevin老师 first came across L'egere in Taiwan and since then, he has been a huge supporter of the brand. There were many times when he brought L'egere products onto Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大), demonstrating just how effective they are. Before I go into Kevin老师's favourite L'egere products, here's his take on beauty. (:

Kevin老师 advocates the 'less is more' concept when it comes to beauty. This concept places strong emphasis on creating perfection through simplicity and using only necessary and appropriate products. With a thriving beauty market and an influx of products, all hailing from the latest technology, women may think that they need everything. But that isn't true. Use only the products that you need and which are appropriate for your skin to bring out your natural beauty. (:

To make this concept work for you, take a look at yourself in the mirror and note the areas you want to tackle and look for the products that will help eradicate these woes (You have no idea how many times I walk out of Watsons with things I didn't even think of getting in the first place! Things I didn't even know existed!).

Only with a good skincare regimen are you able to create a flawless finish with your makeup. Do remember to use your toner and moisturizer as these 2 help to prep and hydrate your skin all day long!

Here's Kevin老师 with his favourite-st L'egere product, the 3°C Pure Aqua Ice Toner!

This toner is a trio of Alaska Glacier Water, Salicylic Acid and Multi-plant Extraction Essence. Alaska Glacier Water is a rich source of minerals that helps skin to achieve a healthy oil-water equilibrium, thereby reducing oil secretion. Salicylic Acid controls oil and clears pores. Multi-plant Extraction Essence is saturated with Vitamins A, B6, C and E to brighten and hydrate the skin.

Kevin老师 was really excited about this product! He was happily spraying this and showing us how it turned to frost on a piece of tissue paper. :D And guess what? I bought this right after the event. :D

Other nuggets of beauty information that Kevin老师 dished were:

1. Dark and dull complexions can be the result of sun exposure, ageing or dryness. Do make sure you are using the right problems if you want to tackle this problem.
2. For a clean and natural look, sweep an eyeshadow that is the colour of milk tea across your eye lids. Then, apply mascara.
3. A little red wine a day keeps the skin woes at bay!
4. Celebrities mask A LOT.
5. Exercising helps to increase your skin renewal.

Kevin老师, my just-permed hair (The curls have loosened a lot! Phew!) and me!

Lastly, a group shot of Kevin老师 with the other bloggers and media by the Star Cruise photographer! (:

It was a really lovely afternoon spent. When Kevin老师 spoke, you could totally see his passion for beauty! He was literally jumping in his seat when he talked about the 3°C Pure Aqua Ice Toner. It was really cute! :D And his enthusiasm was certainly infectious! Kevin老师 is indeed an authority when it comes to beauty and I'm really thankful that I got to attend this media event. Thanks again, Jemay! (:


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