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EVENT: Simply Organic's Introductory Party

In the middle of September, dear Juliet hosted Simply Organic's Introductory Party. It was a small, cozy affair held at Ecorganics with 3 other bloggers; Fel, Patricia (Made a new friend! :D We yakked all the way to Ochard!) and Yvette. (: As some of you may know, I'm now more concerned about what goes into the products and so, I was really anticipating the event! That and well, hello! Dear Juliet was hosting the event! :D

The party was an introduction to the brand Simply Organic, which Ecorganics is the sole distributor of. The brand started out in 2001 by Gene Martignetti and was inspired by the battle that his 5-year-old child had with Leukemia. When developing the brand, Martignetti applied one principle and stuck to it strictly; "In the pursuit of health and beauty, what you put on your hair and skin is as important as what you put in your mouth.".

The core of Simply Organic products lies in the olive plant. The olive leaf extract is 'naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and extremely rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy scalp and beautiful hair'.

The olive oil, on the other hand, 'naturally balances the pH of the hair, skin and body' with its high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E that 'moisturize, protect and nourish the hair, skin and scalp'.

For those who are on the quest for healthier products, you will be glad to know that Ecorganics has brought in the Wash & Rinse (Everyday, Moisture, Refresh and Volume.), styling and skin care ranges. (:

The list of products can be viewed here and you can make your purchases online (Free delivery for orders above S$150.).

Here are the 4 of us listening intently to Juliet and asking questions! Juliet was introducing Ecorganics and of course, Simply Organic. She was also recounting her recent haircut and treatment at the salon and you can read it here. (:

And umm... This is a shot of me looking astounded. And for some unfathomable reasons, I think this is the prettiest shot of me. Despite the ugly hair. Oh, gloom! Okay, one reason why you don't see more shots of me on my blog is because I have MAJOR issues with my hair.

My natural hair, or mane (As Dad likes to call it. Take note that I have Dad's hair. Mum's hair is to-die-for. It's straight AND WITHOUT FRIZZ. BUT none of the Lee kids inherited it!), is naturally wavy and coarse like sand paper. AND thick. Whatever that you hate about your hair, I have it and I hate it ten times more (#firstworldproblems). So what I do is to well, straighten my hair. At one stage, I was straightening my hair once very 4 months, without Mum's knowledge. But now, with Mum's knowledge, I straighten it every half year.

BUT because I don't like my hair to be ramrod straight, I tell Aunt Dora (Who has been doing my hair since I was 18.) to leave on the chemicals for only a short while. Which means that I have nice hair until like 5 months later and my natural hair has grown out and make themselves visible. One thing which really gets to me (Out of the ten million other things that irk me.) about having straightened hair is that when my new hair comes out, there is this stark demarcation between the new hair and my straightened hair. I. Really. Can't. Stand. It. It's like I spent hours folding my hair into half.

Juliet is well acquainted with the deep animosity I have with my hair. And as I didn't apply any products in my hair that day (I don't apply stuff in my hair because they always feel so uncomfortable. It is either too greasy or too stiff and ugh! I can't stand it! Okay... Now you know how incredibly fussy I am. :\ Please still be my friend!), I got to be the model of the day!

Look at my happy face! :DDD The guy working on my hair is Wee and he is Ecorganics's styling king!

Of course, I had to instagram (@charlenejudith) the whole process! Wee was really attentive. Look at those lovely, cascading curls!!!

If I remembered it right, Wee used Volumizing & Thickening Styling Spray, Rejuvenating Sealer , Control Medium Hold Hair Spray and Simply Bangs & Ends Crème. And even though that is a whole lot of products, my hair remained soft and light throughout the day! Absolutely no greasiness and stickiness!

TADAHHH!!! From zero to hero! Thank you, Wee, for making my hair so pretty! *twirls around in cotton candy clouds*

(Unfortunately, the boyfriend preferred me with straight hair. Mum said it's a boy's thing. Is is true?!?)

Juliet organized a small competition for us where we had to list down what our hair needed. Yvette won and you can read what was done to her hair here. (:

We each left with a Simply Organic goodie bag. In it were bottles of the Everyday Wash & Rinse, samples of Everyday Moisturizing Body Wash and Everyday Moisturizing Body Lotion and Lip Balm (For those who are allergic to nuts, this will be good for you as there's nothing nutty about it. Heh! Okay, lame. Heh.). I'll be reviewing the products next week. (:

Thanks Juliet and Crystalz (Director of Ecorganics.) for the lovely event and for the chance to have my hair done! It was really nice listening to Crystalz speak passionately about her salon. (: A week after the event, I decided to get my hair permed at Ecorganics. I'll be writing about the experience over the weekends. Till the next time, lovelies! :D

some photos by Ecorganics.

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