Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FOOD: Mu Parlour

My birthday was sadly spent preparing for a job interview that took place in the evening. So I was really looking forward to the dinner that M planned for me (Thank you, love!)! The street of Holland Village was lined with brightly lit restaurants but we stopped at a rather nondescript opening that was bathed in black.

Okay, confession time. I don't really trust guys' tastes (Except for JH. My sis picks out my bro's clothes. So nope, can't trust my bro's too.) and that includes M's (I'm sorry, dear!) so I was like going 'HMMM...' really loudly. In my head.

Okay, pretty nice... I like the brick walls. But still... So-so.

BUT OH MY FRIGGIN' GOODNESS!!! This was what greeted me when I stepped inside! *in Chandler's voice* Do NOT judge a book by its cover! This is literally the prettiest and most whimsical place that I have ever in my whole entire life set foot in (M was really pleased with himself. Haha.).

I started snapping away as if I were a pro and so, this entry is going to be pretty heavy with photos, haphazardly arranged (I tried my best. I took so many photos! Like each 'scene' twice. Or thrice. Or maybe...).

Here's M poring over the menu.

I really wished this was near my place. I can just picture myself, whiling my afternoon there with a good book and some decent coffee. Sighhh...

Okay. I don't drink coffee but you get the idea.

Mu Parlour was opened only this year. It offers a rather small but decent selection of baked pastries, gourmet burgers, desserts, coffees and cocktails. M made reservations but when we reached there around 6pm (I think.), we were the only ones there. The place only started to fill up around 7pm, but it didn't get crowded.

M had No. 97 Chicken Patty, Mozzarella, Beetroot ($13. Pictured above.) while I ordered No. 11 Avocado, Streaky Bacon, Mu Secret Sauce ($15). The burgers were each accompanied with yummilicious (I know the word doesn't exist. But I just HAVE to use it!) garlic fries! The gourmet burgers reminded me a lot of Sydney's Moo Gourmet Burgers, though of course, they tasted nothing like the latter. They were just alright, pretty forgettable actually. The patty was a tad too mashed up for me and the buns were really plain.

BUT the garlic fries... THE garlic fries! They were as yummy as they looked! Crispy, tasty, inviting... Everything positive (Minus the fact that these little, puny strips will make you fat.)!

(Okay, I need to stop looking at them.)

The passion dessert, though looking very pretty, was really sour for two people who dislike sour food with a penchant.

So yes, the semi-affordable food was rather disappointing. But Mu Parlour is a pretty nice place to hang out with friends and have an okay meal, WITH awesome fries. I had a lovely evening there, company was undoubtedly fabulous and I gobbled every single strand of fry. :DDD

16A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village, (S)277677
Tel.: +65 6466 9336

Before I go bury myself under a heap of numbers again, here are some shots we took that day!



  1. Happy belated bday, my dear! I've never heard of this place, but the decor's lovely. Great shots! May u get lots of presents this year. Hahaha!

    1. Thanks Shirley!!! Yes, the place is lovely! :D Hehe. Thank you! Hope to see you soon! It has been a long while! ):


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