Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FOOD: Paris Baguette Café

M and I visited Paris Baguette Café when it first opened at Wisma Atria. I was looking forward to its opening because this Korean French café practically lined the streets in Seoul, Korea! There was one right beside the hotel that Fel and I were staying in and Fel was telling me that it was very popular. But we didn't try any back there because everything just seemed... Okay. Normal. Nevertheless, I was excited to see its presence on our sunny little island. (:

Paris Baguette Café is ranked tops in the highly competitive Korean bakery market, based on brand recognition and power. The brand focuses on educating its employees on the importance of using only ingredients of the highest quality and providing only the best customer service. With 2, 900 stores in Korea, 50 in China and 15 stores throughout the States, the brand plans to open 7 more stores before the year ends (Well, 6 more now. Yay, Singapore!).

The first thing that caught my hungry eye was the bottles of Royal Pudding! It comes in 3 flavours; the Original, Berry and Mango. The pudding came in a quaint little milk jug with a long spoon. So yes, I ordered this because of the very darling container. And also, I LOVE PUDDINGS (But this is really the secondary... I mean, primary reason.)!

(I didn't see these when I was in Korea! How did I miss them!!!)

I got the Original flavour because when presented with too many choices, I always pick the original one. It was milky, smooth and delightfully chilled! Completely yum! The Royal Pudding costs $4.50 a bottle. A pretty expensive treat (I mean, $4.50 can get you a meal! Okay. #poorstudent) but one that I will definitely get again!

435 Orchard Road
#02-48/49/50/51/52/53 Wisma Atria, (S)239977
Tel.: +65 6836 2010, +65 6836 3010


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