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OUTING: Universal Studios Singapore

photo by Chis Ng.

photo by Tiffany Wong.

Two Thursday ago, the sister and her friends (Li, Tiffany and Chris.) decided to go Universal Studios Singapore and she asked if I wanted to join them. And of course, I wanted to!!! I had been dying to visit that place and I was pretty excited about meeting the sister's Aussie friends (They are so incredibly nice! Li has the most amazing voice, practically liquid honey! Tiffany is hilarious and has natural wavy hair that you are most probably jealous of! Heck, I think Jennifer Anniston would be jealous too! And Chris is a gentleman and a doctor-to-be!). Earlier on Monday, I met Lieske in one of my Math classes and got her to go along too! :D

Universal Studios Singapore comprises of 6 themes; Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. I, being a girly girl, really loved Far Far Away. Haha. It has the least exciting rides but *shrugs* it was the best! Haha. Shrek 4-D Adventure was a really awesome simulator ride! You could feel every single action! Gahhh! The best!!!

Ancient Egypt 's Revenge of the Mummy was a perfect combination of fun and excitement, without going into fear. Haha. We took the ride 3 times! One thing which I noticed and which was particularly evident in this attraction was that, upon reaching there, you had to walk quite a bit in order to get to the ride itself. The sister explained that this was to help make your waiting time seem shorter. I thought it was pretty cool and really smart because there wasn't anything like that in Gold Coast's Movie World (And that was 10 years ago.).

The attraction that really stood out for me was New York City's Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg! This was truly awesome as we were transported to a scene where a Category 4 hurricane was about to take place! Everything that happened felt incredibly real! And I shall stop here. Shan't spoil it for you!

Thursday was a really fun day, though I nearly cried when I was on the Battlestar Galactica (The sister forced me. Every ride, to her, was "It's okay! It's not scary at all... After you have taken a few times!".). The sister, Li, Tiffany, Chris and Lieske were great fun and everyone was really nice! I enjoyed myself a great lot. Big thanks to the sister for asking me along! :DDD Wish the brother had joined us too.

Before I leave, here are some tips you might want to take note if you're heading there!

  • Wear sunscreen. Singapore is inhumanely hot and more so at Universal Studios Singapore where there isn't much shelter where you walk. And you need to walk a lot. Make sure you don't cover just your face but every inch of your body as well!

  • Skip the makeup, for the ladies! Trust me, you will be sweating buckets! You don't want your pores to be all clogged up, do you? And bare skin is always better than melted makeup! With that said, do bring along a packet of tissue so you can dab off excess oil from time to time! Wet facial tissues will be good but do remember to apply sunscreen after that!

  • Bring a small bag that has a zip. There are lockers for you to rent but they are pretty expensive. For most of the rides (Not for Battlestar Galactica.), you are able to carry your stuff. I brought my Superman bag which doesn't have a zip and throughout the rides, I was more afraid of things dropping out of my bag than the ride itself.

  • Bring a water bottle. HYDRATE! You definitely need to hydrate yourself throughout the day! Also, beverages are expensive there. Save your moolah for a sumptuous dinner when the day ends!

  • Bring an extra tee. I'm pretty sure you won't be heading home immediately after all the rides. Perhaps a dinner with friends or just walking around Sentosa... You will feel more refreshed with a change of tee! Also, there are some rides that will wet you through and through!

    I hope this helps you and you enjoyed the photos (The sister takes BRILLIANT photos, brilliant with a capital B! I didn't bring my camera that day because I didn't know about the existence of the lockers. :\)! And I can't quite believe I have so much to say about Universal Studios Singapore. This was supposed to be a personal entry but I think I shall publish it on Sunbathing Muffins as well because of the tips. Alrighty, got to go now. TGIF, people! :D

    P.S.: For those who are really particular about toilets like me, you will be glad to know that the toilets there are pretty clean and come with an abundance of toilet rolls! :D

    all other photos by Cheryl Julia.
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