Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RAMBLINGS: The S-scary Future

Consecutive online lectures induce permanent brain damage for your current and next 9 lives. So kids, attend school.

I have ten million thoughts running through my head right now (No. Just like only 2.) but have got only ten minutes to punch them all into my poor keyboard (Mum's, actually.). I'll be taking a big human step tomorrow when I imprint my signature on those dotted lines. Fingers crossed that this is the right decision.

Actually, I know this IS the right decision. But hmm... I didn't exactly picture post-school like that. It was more of bumming around and doing more random part-time jobs. Like scheduling, serving coffee, hanging out in museums (Yeah right.), being someone's PA and drowning in dramas and sitcoms. What I feel versus what I think is sensible... Mmhmmm.

Funny how a 14-year-old me thought that I would be raking in £40,000 monthly, all decked out in Jigsaw suits, squabbling with annoying American men who thought they knew everything (I can't even fake the British accent.) and having a roommate who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and did crossword puzzles all day long (Sophie Kinsella, this is YOUR doing. My child will NEVER read your books.).

But oh wells. Life never ever turns out what you had pictured it to be. I just hope that I won't be sucked into my job (Everyone's telling me how horrid my job will be and asking me if I'm really certain. BUT they say the same thing for every other job that I bring up. So...) and forget to appreciate the little things in life.

Anyway, I thought I jot down what I want to achieve during the one year I have a job before I go make a whole different checklist.

  1. A certificate in makeup and hair-styling.
  2. A basic cert in French/ Japanese or both.
  3. Take regular yoga lessons.
  4. Master the DSLR.
  5. Do more watercolour paintings. 
  6. Buy Vintage Barbie.
  7. Be regular in the taking of my supplements.
  8. Clearing out 1/2 of my vanity closet.
I'm not being ambitious here, am I?

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