Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EVENT: Better Vision's BVAX x Bloggers' Party

Two Wednesdays ago, I headed down to Better Vision's Novena outlet to try out the store's BVAX 12-Step Program. Thank you Ellie for the invitation! :D

The cutting-edge BVAX 12-Step Program was designed by Better Vision. It allows their eye care professionals to prescribe you a pair of glasses that is the most optimal and that fits into your lifestyle perfectly.

Before the details of the program are unraveled, let's take a look at the wide array of frames that Better Vision offers!

Comfy Croc has come up with the classic rectangular full-rim and half-rim frames. These frames will flatter round faces, elongating them and making them appear slimmer. They will also balance out soft, round facial features. (:

Be@rbrick was created by Japanese brand, Medicom. The little bear started out as an adult collectible toy and quickly gathered a strong cult following. The frames, just like the collectibles, are produced in limited number so chances are that you probably won't meet someone with the exact same frame as you. Yay to being unique! :D

Agnes B., one of my favourite brands, is also available at Better Vision. Designed with the stylish girl in mind, this brand is the epitome of French chic. You will certainly find a pair of frames that will bring you from zero to Alexa Chung's Geek Chic! The wide frames will keep the natural balance of oval-shaped faces.

I stumbled upon the brand Superdry when I was searching for tees for M (With the introduction of M into my life, I'm becoming more aware of men's fashion.). This brand comes from the hands of those who have made glasses for musical legends like John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne.

The frames are given snazzy names like Brando, Riley and Jetstar... So it's totally normal if you feel like a superstar/ rockstar after putting these frames on! Some of the top of the frames have been embellished with leather accents and cool, bare aluminum coatings. Hence, making them perfect for those with an 'inner Johnny Depp Complex that is straining to get out'.

There are also frames for the kids, with really funky colours! A possible outlet for self-expression, you think?

And now it's time for the BVAX 12-Step Program! Here's an outline of the program:

Step 1: Patient Evaluation// To act as guideline for identifying eye disorders.
Step 2: Objective Refraction Test// Auto Refractometer to measure the corrective power of the eye.
Step 3: Subjective Refraction Test// A more accurate assessment for short/ long sightedness.
Step 4: Fan Chart and Cross Cylinder Test// Assess degree of astigmatism and angles to place astigmatism lens.
Step 5: Visual Acuity Test// Ensure the best possible vision performance.
Step 6: Duo-Chrome Test// Ensure short/ long sighted is not under/ over corrected.
Step 7: Binocular Balancing// Ensure both eyes are equally balanced in clarity/ sharpness for comfortable vision.
Step 8: Near Vision Test// Assess if a reading prescription (long sighted( is needed for patients who are 38 years old and above.
Step 9: Colour Vision Test// Determine if there is a colour deficiency i.e. not being able to differentiate red and green. It is a defect in the X chromosome.
Step 10: Binocular Vision Assessment:// Assess if there are abnormalities with the eye muscles.
Step 11: Vision Analysis// Review and analyse data obtained from all tests and make a final adjustments to prescription if necessary.
Step 12: Patient Management// To explain a patient's situation and give appropriate advice.

Friendly Hui Shan was my optometrist that day. She first brought me through a questionnaire, which tested my knowledge on eye care. I'm proud to say that I got most questions right! Yay! :D

(Well, I have been wearing glasses since I was in Primary 3 and there were always those talks on how to take good care of your eyes. And remember those eye exercises? I had to do them after recess everyday! The school would play some soothing music and everyone would be massaging their eye areas!)

Here's me, getting ready for the rest of the steps! :D

The eye test was quite a new experience for me. I have visited 3 optical stores since I started wearing glasses but not one store checked if there were any abnormalities with my eye muscles. And there were some steps which were present in one optical store but not in the others. The BVAX 12-Step Program took longer than my 'usual' checkup but you can be sure that every little bit of your eye is checked. (:

Yay! :DDD I'm done! Thanks Hui Shan! :D

Here's Fel and I, after we have chosen our spankin' brand new frames! Mine's pair of cat-eye tortoise shell glasses! :D

Crizal lenses will be fitted into my new frames. For the uninitiated, Crizal lenses are created with the most advanced technology to provide the clearest vision possible. Crizal provides UV protection, optimal vision comfort, premium scratch resistance, easier lens cleaning, unique water repellence and virtualy dust-free lenses.

In the brand's latest breakthrough, Crival UV lenses have been developed. The new lenses block UV from the front and reflect UV at the back, providing 360° UV protection. They also come equipped with Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) 25. This means that the wearer gets 25 more times the protection that he can get from any other lens!

Each blogger was presented with a $200 voucher. I used the voucher to redeem my Crizal lenses and paid $136 for my glasses. These are from Ted Baker and has a slight cat-eye to them. :D

Do check out Better Vision's website here! Word has it that the Novena outlet will be having a promotion soon, in conjunction with Velocity @ Novena Square!

BETTER VISION (Novena Outlet)
238 Thomson Road
#02-39/40 Velocity @ Novena Square
Tel.: +65 6255 7295


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