Thursday, November 1, 2012

EVENT: Launch of the New Pore Solutions Series with Neogence

On October 18th, I attended the launch of the new Pore Solutions Series with Neogence. This workshop was a collaboration between Vanity Trove and Sasa, who have been working closely together to bring us more beauty goodies! *grins* Thank you, Camy from Vanity Trove, for the invite! :DDD

The launch was held at quirky Food for Thought. There were so many jars adorning the ceiling and it was such a pretty sight! And gosh! We had some sides after the event. I can't seem to find the names on the website (Click here to visit the website!) but they were sooo delectable!!! So, so, so good!

Patricia, who was my date for the night (We have ten million things to talk about, I swear!) mentioned that the place has really good pasta so I can't wait to go back there again with M! And as usual, I'm getting really hungry now.

Okay, I really shouldn't start talking about food first. Back to the launch!

This October, Neogence is launching its new Pore Solutions Series that will do some serious tackling on our always-so-friggin'-obvious pores! While we can't actually reduce our current pore sizes, we can make sure they are clean and that they do not grow any larger. And this is exactly what Neogence wants to do for us in just 4 steps; recuperate sebum, control germs, dissolve heads and rebuild pores.

Unfortunately for all of us, Singapore is a place steeped in heat and humidity (The perfect breeding ground for all skin woes.). This means a very moisturizing environment for us but it also means that our skin gets oily easily. This results in blockage of our pores and as cornification (Sebum pools around our hair follicles and together with dead skin cells and dirt, harden and blocks the expulsion of sebum from the body.) takes place, our pores get enlarged and all your ugly plugs start rearing their ugly black and white heads and the dreaded pimples start to form.

And this is the point when Neogence swoops in and saves the day! As mentioned earlier, Neogence attacks pores via 4 ways:

1. Recuperating sebum: Effective controls the production of sebum and reduces the activity of sebaceous glands. Thus, keeping oil levels controlled over time.
2. Dissolving heads: Soluble in both oil and water, this acid softens hardened dead skin cells and dissolves heads.
3. Controlling germs: A regulating antibiotic that helps control germs and hence, prevents the formation of pimples and acne.
4. Rebuilding pores: Helps enlarged pores to recover their elasticity and so strengthens and tightens them as much as possible.

4 weeks of religious usage has been clinically proven to reduce oily areas by 55%, pore areas by 36% and sebum secretion by 49%! Pretty amazing results, huh! :D

At the event, professional dermatologist Dr. Hung Chin-Chun taught us how to massage products into our face to increase the rate of absorption and also, to promote blood circulation.

For your forehead, draw vertical lines up and down with your knuckles. The skin on your cheeks are softer, so mentally divide your cheeks into 3 horizontal rows and do up-down zigzag motions. Massage products from chin up, creating a V, to shape your face. (:

It was a lovely evening spent learning about the nitty-gritty of pores. Dr. Hung Chin-Chun has a wealth of knowledge and shared it with us generously. I thought the massage techniques were especially helpful! Thanks again, Camy, for the invitation (See you really soon! :D)!

Here's a little information about the goodies I received at the event:

Neogence's Mineral Micro-Scrub Exfoliating Cream
This exfoliating cream contains fine micro-scrub particles that cleanse pores deeply. It metabolizes and hydrates, leaving skin radiant.

Neogence's Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum
This serum rebuilds and reduces pores and thus, prevents them from enlarging with its Witch Hazel Extract content. It also helps to control sebum production. Larcyl is added to help tighten and narrow pores.

Neogence's Extremely Off-Heads Serum
This complex acid dissolves heads and pimples to purify pores. It effectively controls oil and maintain sebum excretion with its Witch Hazel Extract content.

I was also given some products from the Neogence's Hyaluronic Acid Series because I answered a question (I'm one happy student!). Patricia told me this range was good and I'm a fan of Hyaluronic Acid so yipee!!! :DDD

Alrighty, I'm off to bed now (Just one more episode of 'Friends'. Or maybe 2. Or 3...) I hope you enjoyed reading this entry. (: TGIF people! :D


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